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Some of you may remember I have a BIG DAY planned in July. March starts tomorrow so I really need to get cracking.
I have my ideas sorted, from the past year spent on Pinterest, but now I need to stop procrastinating and get on with it!
I started last night with these mini paper flowers.paper flowers 006
Whilst I may keep the finished articles to show you until after the wedding; I was so thrilled with these.paper flowers
They are made out of single sheets of an old yellowing novel that came free with a magazine years ago.paper flowers 007
Tomorrow our local Oxfam beckons for some larger yellowing books and then I shall share how I made them.paper flowers 007
I wince when I tear the sheets from the books. It seems so wrong!
But at least I am recycling them into some sort of artwork I suppose.

Love, Lucie xx


    1. I’ll be keeping most things back until after the big day; I have to keep some surprises for my guests!
      I’m not doing masses of stuff, just a little here and there. My OH’s idea of hell is a Kirstie Allsop or Cath Kidston wedding! (shame)


      1. haha yes, I imagine if we’re not careful our entire weddings could end up being handmade! Takes a lot of time though! I’m keeping my own bits and pieces secret for the same reason – don’t want to give everything away just yet!


  1. These look lovely! I agree 100% though I wince when people on tv just tear up a book, but I suppose if it was going to be charity shopped or never used again its okay. It’s great you are going to the charity shops to get books and I know they are grateful for any donations from the selling of the books. Also I am not sure if they will give you books as my husband used to work for a company that bought items from the charity shops, so they dtill do receive money for the unwanted books


    1. I’m quite happy to pay for them, but I would rather pay for ones that weren’t going to be sold as reading material as opposed to ones that someone would still get enjoyment from. It just makes me feel better about tearing out the pages. What is it that makes us feel so much for the book?


      1. I think it is the history that they can recreate or the fact that a book I have read made me get so involved in a world, that from words you can gain so many emotions. I love books though, there is nothing better than the feeling of picking up a book. Books can be enjoyed by so many people and they can always be there. I love reading though and books so it’s just a hard thing for me to see.


  2. I haven’t been able to part with most of the girls’ books I read to them when they were tiny. I am hoping they will take some of them off me when they have their own bookshelves to store them on!


  3. Lucie, I’ve been reading your posts and loving every one of them; I’ve been remiss in commenting. These flowers, and everything else you’ve been doing, are wonderful. I would love to know how to make them. I have lots of old paperbacks and other never-to-be-read-again books I could use to make lovely blooms.

    I can’t believe how many projects you get done. Congratulations on all the notariety you’ve been getting too! You deserve it!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. If I commented on everything I loved I wouldn’t have time for anything else! I know you are reading. That’s always good to know. Xx


  4. These flowers look great – keen to know how you made them. Can’t wait to see your other wedding makes. My mum and I made vases [from old books] as centrepieces for my grandmother’s 90th birthday and I got them from the 2nd hand bookstore. Apparently hardbacks aren’t popular and yes they were destined for pulping.


      1. No I haven’t blogged about them yet but thanks for the prompt – they were on my list but I will definitely do it soon so you can see. Also easy but a bit time consuming. Glad you got through a lot yesterday – always a good feeling.


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