Olya No 3

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My third Olya! Another Olya by Paper Theory Patterns to add to my collection.

Sewn up for a, now postponed, holiday, in an Atelier Brunette Cotton crepe, a beautiful light weight sheer gauze-like fabric dotted with little golden half sunrises.

I made up the size 8 again, which is one and a half sizes down from that recommended by the measurement table. My purple linen one was a size 8, with my initial Olya was a size 10.

Its unusual construction still has me reading every single instruction! My pockets are getting more precise though;)

This one is an inch shorter in the front as that’s all my fabric length would allow.

The pocket placement is perfect for those times when I won’t be wearing a vest underneath!!

I’ve veered away from Iron on interfacing over the past year as I’ve been unhappy about how it performs in the wash. Even with prewashing my interfacing it still gives a dimply appearance to cuff and collars, especially with solid colours, particularly white, in time.

So I’ve been using sew in. Mainly Vilene Vlieseline L11 Light Soft Sew In Interfacing White with great success. It’s a little more fiddly but gives a softer effect,

If anyone has come across an iron in interfacing that doesn’t go dimply after lots and lots of washing please let me know!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Good morning, sorry to hear your holiday is delayed – too chilly? I hope you can go soon. Lovely shirts! I dislike iron on interfacing for the bubble reason, as well I’m trying to limit bringing chemical and oil based (poly etc) products into my house.

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  2. I use English couture company interfacing and have never had a bubbling issue. I presoak for twenty minutes and allow to air dry. Then I steam it from an inch away over the piece before actually touching the iron to it for a really long time! Then reposition if there’s been any shrinkage. And I fuse for a full ten seconds on every single square inch. I also then leave it on the ironing board until it is stone cold. Don’t even move it a smidge!

    Yes, interfacing usually takes me longer than the sewing, lol, but it’s worth it to me. I’ve never tried sew in as I’m usually using it on facings where one side will be exposed but for collars and button plackets etc maybe I’ll give it a go! Sorry to hear your holiday is delayed. Love the shirt!

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    1. Hi Hayley. Thanks so much for all that info. I shall definitely look into them. I’m so nervous about using iron on interfacing now, I’m always really interested to hear of other people’s experiences .


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