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This is the Olya Shirt by Paper Theory Patterns

It’s my new favourite!!

It’s another pattern I’ve had hiding in my pattern stash for some time but I’m so pleased with it.

I was finally drawn back towards the Olya shirt by the current oversized shirt trend (Hush & John Lewis)

and some new linen fabrics at Fabworks.

At first glance it looks like a regular shirt but it definitely is not.

It’s all in the sleeve and the way the sleeve part grows out of the front yoke!.

The front pockets are also unusual but I had done these before on my Thayer jacket so felt I was on familiar territory.

Thankfully Paper Theory Patterns provides detailed videos for each stage of the works.

See how the top of the yoke ties into the sleeve? I really needed the sew-a-long for that, for fear of snipping my seam allowance in the wrong place!

The linen wasn’t quite what I imagined when it arrived from Fabworks, being of more open weave but a little heavier than I expected but I went with it and it is perfect.

Buttons from my stash, including the mis-matching ones on the cuffs which will rarely be seen as I generally wear them rolled up.

After much research reading that lots of others down sizing several sizes in this shirt, I down sized half a size from my bust measurement, going with the size 10. I thought that if I was going for the oversized look, I would just go with it.

It was the right size to go for and doesn’t look to big done up

or tucked in

I’ve seen my daughter eyeing this one up.

But she’s not having it!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. You can’t beat a white linen shirt. I am sure you will get a lot of use out of this. Pleased to read this post, as I had forgotten that I had wanted to make this! Would you mind letting me know the fabric code for this as looking at their site I am not sure which one it is?

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  2. Hi Sheree. Good to hear from you. It’s definitely a pattern I’d recommend. There’s a link to the fabric in the post. If you click on the words ‘the linen’, it’ll take you to the exact fabric .


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