The Sagebrush Top by Friday Pattern Company

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The Sagebrush Top by Friday Pattern Company was released in May 2020. 2 years ago!

So I must be near the last to make it. Or the last to come around to big sleeves AND ruffles.

It’s really out side my comfort zone and I wasn’t sure I was even going to like this one!

I used a very cheap viscose type fabric from my stash to see how it would go.

I was in between a small and a medium. I didn’t want to risk it being tight across my back so in this instance I went with the medium.

During my research I came across details regarding taking volume out of the front of the front section and also from the sleeve but for my first version I kept with the pattern.

One thing I did change was the neck line. I didn’t like how the neck band seemed to stand up, away from the body on some versions I had seen. Instead I used a traditional bias bound neckband. Turning the whole thing inside and top stitching it down. This also results in the neckline being lowered by 1cm all the way around. Much better for me, I thought.

I also replaced the tie with a button and a small loop of elastic, simplifying the look at the back and reducing the potential for forgetting to pop it in a delicates bag before washing, causing necktie tangling and potential distress to the ties.

The fabric drove me mad. Even though I used a sharp size 70 needle, the fabric seemed to bruise, with the white of the rear of the fabric seeming to appear at every hole. This was a complete nightmare when I needed to unpick something.

I hope it stands up to washing.

Meanwhile, I very much like my version.

I’d love to remake it with longer sleeves and use a narrow cuff, much like my recent Roscoe blouse instead of the elastic which I find feels a bit odd sitting around my arm.

Love the colour and the print of this fabric. I think I could wear this for both work and weekend.

Next time I think I might take some fabric from the front and sleeve head but it’s a really pretty top and I love it.

Love, Lucie xx

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  1. Hi Lucie,
    I just made a Sagebrush too, and I did take volume out of the sleeve cap- no big deal at all. I also was unsure about the ruffles and big sleeves at first, but just like you I am very fond of the finished garment. So I guess the Sagebrush won us two over!


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