Sasha trousers No 2

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With a return to the office on the horizon, I need more trousers in my wardrobe.

Ha! I’ve said that before, back in August 2020, when I thought I’d be returning in September. I’d made up my burgundy pair and felt I was on a roll. 

I had these black/white diamond trousers cut out and thought it would be quick to sew up a second pair whilst it was all fresh in my mind. But alas no, I stayed working from home and there they sat in their plastic wallet.

These are my second Sasha Trousers Pants by Closet Core Patterns.

I’m really very pleased with them.

I love this fabric! It’s a vertical stretch jacquard but I cannot remember from where.

This is very similar.

It’s a perfect pattern/fabric match. It’s a perfect weight for this time of year, not too light weight.

I’ve left them long (I removed just 1 inch, I’m 5ft 3) at the moment but may shorten them to my ankle bone when it gets warmer.

I already had my altered pattern cut out which was a size 12 waist, grading to a size 10 hip.

I made up the tricky bits, the pockets and the zip and then basted the legs and waist band together at that point to assess the fit, as advised by the pattern.

Perfect welt pockets!!!!

Excuse the red heat erasable pen on the button hole. I’ve since ironed them and it’s gone!

Sooooo pleased I did.

The pant legs are quite fitted ( they are meant for a 4 way stretch fabric and last time I had to let them out a size above my measurements through the hip and thighs – see the post for more details) however, due to the stretch in this jaquard fabric only being in the vertical, they were too tight in the rear thigh I had bad horizontal creases across the backs of my thighs and a hungry bum!

I let the inner thigh seams out to the knee, to a meagre 6mm and also did the same to my rear, around the base of my bum. Thank goodness for a 16mm seam allowance.

They are much better, and as good as I think I will get them although next time I’ll make due allowance and add more fabric to that seam so I can play around some more.

They were a perfect fit around the waist.

I’ve left off the front/side pockets for a clean look but included an adapted pocket stay to provide support to my stomach. This works really well and stops any side pocket/lining gaping issues, which personally, I don’t like on me.

The vertical stretch and great recovery means I get no bagginess around my knee and bum, once stood up..

I’m secretly so pleased how far my sewing has come 😉

Now I’m in the trouser mood, I’ve off to search for my next pattern. Any suggestions?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. You look amazing in these trousers 👍. I love the fit. I bought the pattern after your last pair, but have been too nervous to attempt them – they seem so tight on the pattern sizing! To get a similar fit to you, how many sizes should I go up? Your version is my idea of the perfect pair of trousers.

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    1. Hi Amelia. You’ll definitely need to grade between sizes. It’s perfect on the waist so use your waist size here. Go up one size on the hip and from hip grade down to knee. Make sure you go up on the inner thigh seam too, down to the knee. My thighs are quite muscular from cycling so I had to let them out further than this( another size). Hope that helps.


      1. Thanks Lucie, I’ll definitely follow your advice as I love the fit you’ve achieved. PS I also have quite muscular thighs from cycling so I’ll be following this tip too!!

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  2. Lucie, save yourself the headaches and use this pattern again instead of searching out a new one. Both pair are perfection and look quite different in the fabrics you chose. Both lovely by the way. I am quite impressed with your sewing abilities and how quickly you have progressed! You could try the wide leg version of the Pietras ( with mods of course) in a suiting fabric. I made the slim leg version in black crepe and they look very polished and professional. Bravo on your all your beautiful sewing successes!


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