The Kalle cover up

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This is the Closet Core Kalle shirt/dress made up for the late summer holiday that is looking less and less likely.

But I’ve worn my sunglasses for the photos to help me imagine what could have been!

We swing between, ‘let’s just go’, to ‘how risky is it? what will the plane by like? will anything be open?’

I very much doubt we’ll be going anywhere beyond our own coastline so my Kalle cover-up will be folded up for the attic.

I say beach/pool cover-up as this is definitely not a shirt dress for a local trip out. When the sun shines through it, you can see my complete outline!!!

However it was a very satisfying make, although not without mishap, and I’m pleased with the finish.

I made up the size 8 as per my previous shorter Kalle shirt. I added a couple of inches to the length of the front (Option C, I’m 5ft3) to even up the high/low front/back lengths.

This is a very reasonable £5/m crinkle viscose picked up from Lucky Fashions in Dewsbury; a bricks and mortar shop only, but I’ve seen it sold online at Fabrics For All, Leeds

I made a rookie error of sewing the pockets on the inside of the dress which was a little frustrating and not the last mistake I made!

I made up the matching fabric bias binding required for the hem of the dress, as per the instructions, but once painstakingly applied I realised I again had applied it to the wrong side of the dress.

Once reapplying it to the correct side, due to the drape of the fabric, the bias finish made it the hem stick out at all angles so I gave another deep sigh and cut it off, overlocked the hem and turned it up once.

And I made a simple matching belt for a different look, maybe for a taverna lunch? I wish…….

Strictly autumn makes going forward.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. That’s lovely – even if you don’t go away soon you can wear it when you do go. Love the pleat at the back – adds some interest and flexibility. I’d love to make one and plan another holiday! Ooh just imagined making it in something a little heavier to wear as a light dress, maybe a chambray/light denim!

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  2. Love this – I made 3 similar myself a couple of years ago – 2 in crinkly double gauze (which when viewed at a certain angle actually just looks like baby muslin) and one in navy dotted swiss which definitely fails the going-out-in-public test! But all very successful for strolling to / from beach or pool. In the back of the wardrobe hoping that next year’s holiday actually happens (zero-for-three this year… but first world problems!).

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    1. Yes, first world problems, as you say. I had been meaning to make this for so long, I am glad just to tick it off the list for next year. And I have learnt that whilst perfect for a cover up, I prefer my actual shirt dresses with a little more structure and shaping. So win, win.


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