Another Classic

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It’s another Lisel & Co Classic Shirt.

I made this one alongside the white one, taking advantage of the white thread and bobbin.

I thought I was speeding up the sew by ‘batch making’ but in reality I don’t think it was any faster!!

This one is made from a crepe from a recent trip to Walton Fabrics, Goldthorpe in South Yorkshire. I was having an animal print day!

It just goes to show how different this pattern looks in different fabrics.

I used the plainer pocket template for this one.

I love everything about it. The width across the back, the length of the sleeve,

the length of the body and the more casual look in this fabric.

I’m so looking forward to a time when I can photograph outside again, away from my spotty backdrop!!

Action shot!

I’m putting myself into a self imposed shirt making ban now. Nine shirts in less than 12 months.

Classic shirt and Cheyenne with collar

Monkey Cheyenne and Atelier Brunette Cheyenne

Butterick6563 and Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse

Sew Over It Utlimate shirts in Liberty.

Does a shirt dress count?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Well, you’ve definitely sorted yourself out with lovely shirts for a while to come. What’s next on the agenda? I think you could get away with saying a shirt dress isn’t a shirt.

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    1. What’s not next on the agenda? I’ve denim washed and ironed ready for some Ginger Jeans but feel I need a quick palette cleanser first. I’ve also a leopard print pinafore on the go. I was going to start some summer holiday sewing 😉 but obviously I’ll now be spending that in Wakefield!!


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