Cheyenne with collar

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Of course, this isn’t my first Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June Handmade

I previously made these 2 which are in regular rotation in my winter wardrobe. See here and here.

I love the fit. How it is neither oversized nor too boxy making it super comfortable without drowning me!

But it is my first Cheyenne with a collar.

The pattern gives you the option of a standard collar or a dropped neckline with no collar and a half placket, with or without cuffs.

So viola!

Again, super comfy, especially in this peach polyester. I think I’ve captured the ‘Boden’ look with this spotty mustard, don’t you?

Fits perfectly again across the back.

Finished with beautiful french seams throughout.

But….. and there is a but which prevents me from using this as a collared shirt pattern again, the collar is enormous.

I think I’ve got away with it in this print. I think it goes with this style of shirt, I was just surprised! I’ve left off the button in the collar stand, but even held together you can get a whole hand between your neck and the collar!

I wish I’d remember to shorten the arms an inch and the cuffs are a little generous, but maybe that was the also the style the designer was going for.

The pattern does advise a flannel or chambray so I’m thinking that perhaps inspiration was taken from the over sized look of popping on your other half’s shirt? (not that I would wear my husband’s shirt! That would look too ridiculous! But maybe once upon a time………..;))

Getting super good at cuffs and collars now!!!

This is a gorgeous peach feel fabric. Did I tell you it doesn’t crease and if you don’t let it crumple you can put it on immediately after drying without ironing!!!

It’s also fairly warm which is lovely for this time of year.

I ordered it from Sew Over It but they are no longer selling fabric.

I’ve located the navy version from Frumble Fabrics and also from Crafty Sew and So at £9 or £10/m

So I’ll stick with the collarless shirt version, however much I love this!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. It looks good to me – although I really like the colour and design of the fabric you used.
    Do you mean the collar itself is oversized or do you mean the collar stand measurement is too large?
    Either way, like you I prefer View B. I think there are probably better patterns out there for a ‘collar and cuffs’ shirt. The ‘All Day Shirt’ from Liesl & Co. was a really good pattern for a man’s shirt and their women’s version, which I think is called the ‘Classic Shirt’ is very similar in construction. I just don’t really have the sort of lifestyle for tailored shirts any more., 😥or is it 😀.
    I am planning on making more View Bs in different fabrics as I’m finding the fit and length very versatile.

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    1. The collar stand circumference is to large but also compounded by the large collar.
      The classic shirt is next! I have the pattern. During the winter I wear shirts every week day. My engineering job means I can get away with dark straight leg jeans and a lovely shirt most of the time. I’m loving making shirts. I like all the logical clever steps and I can make them far cheaper and more interesting than I would pay for a good quality one.
      Looking forward to making more view B but sleeveless, for the summer. X

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  2. This looks exactly like a Boden shirt!! If you’re wondering about the collar, the reason it doesn’t have a button on the stand is because it’s a button up shirt (as opposed to a button down) – meant to be more casual like you’d see in chambray or flannel. But it still works beautifully in rayon as you’ve demonstrated 😍

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    1. Thank you! I think I’ve stumbled across a perfect pairing! I didn’t know there was a distinction between button up and button down. So I’ve learnt something new too!


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