Still loving my enormous blanket!

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Alas, the official crochet blanket CAL by Notyouraveragecrochet has come to an end.

But will I be stopping here? Not on your Nelly! (I’ve never typed that phrase before!)

After making my blanket accidentally extraordinarily wide (as in it hangs down both sides of a king sized bed) I will be carrying on until Christmas.

Quite frankly I so enjoy the simplicity of each row; taking a break from an hour spent on something a bit more challenging. I shall quite miss it.

As the nights get a little cooler and I’m determined not to put the heating on for a good few weeks yet, my blanket keeps me warm as I crochet along.

I have even returned from work and found my daughter wrapped up in it.

In the past 17 weeks it has gone from this

CAL Week 2
CAL Week 2

to this!!!

CAL week 17
CAL week 17

My anti-craft, anti-colour husband-to-be keeps asking where exactly I intend to use it when it’s finished.
He is concerned it’ll clash with the deep browns, golds, bieges and greys of the house decor.
Well, tough.
It’ll be folded across the arm of the settee so my daughter and I can wrap ourselves up in it in defiance.

I can feel another craft war on the horizon.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I cannot wait to start this blanket and I am copying your colour scheme too – it looks fabulous. I had to laugh at your husbands comments. It won’t go in my house either, we are browns, greys, oranges 🙂 But it would be too gorgeous not to use right??


    1. Well I definitly think so! I read somewhere this weekend that the odd thing the clashes with your room actually makes the whole thing more stylish. So i’m going with that!


  2. Fabulous colours Lucie. Sadly I’ve almost finished mine, just stitching in the ends and blocking to do. I have some other UFO’s to get on with and then perhaps I could start another. How many stitches wide is yours?


  3. I love your blanket Lucie, it’s gorgeous – I’d like to use your colour scheme. Can you tell me the names/numbers of the colours you used. Thanks for posting the great photos!


    1. Sorry, it’s taken me a few days to get back yo you.
      It is a mixed colour pack from Stylecraft.
      Stylecraft Special DK Colour Pack. I’ve used all the colours in the pack except a couple of the really dark ones. I also kept back the mid blue to use as the border. As my blanket is rather large I have had to re order some of the yarns, but not the whole pack. I have used some more than others to keep it fresh looking.
      It’s an acrylic yarn but is still very soft. I wouldn’t like to calculate how much this would have cost in natural fibres!
      Hope this helps.

      Lucie x


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