Sew Over It Pussybow Blouse

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So this is my Sew Over It Pussy Bow blouse. And I love it.

It is not perfect but I know what I need to do next time.

Indeed, I know what not to do next time!

It is so easy to forget lessons learnt on previous makes and get carried along in the excitement of making something new in a lovely fabric.

Here you can witness the main problem. I didn’t stay stitch my around the neckline. I knew as soon as I had ironed the shoulder seams, once I had removed my ironing ham, that I had likely stretched out the neckline whilst doing so.

Resulting in a stretched neckline. You can see this in the image above, it’s the left hand side. Notches were cast aside in the subsequent attaching of the neck tie to the neck.

I’ve got away with it, but I know, you know.

I used french seams throughout as this fabric (bought, I don’t know when, from Fabworks – I think) frayed like anything. I would say it was a viscose.

One let down of the pattern was how to neatly attach the base of the bow at the bottom of the ‘v’. It seems others had this problem too. Do to my fraying fabric there is a bit of a botched job going on on the inside but I know what to do next time. I’ve since read that a solution for this is a small self drafted facing at the bottom of the ‘V’. I’ll show you what I’m going to do when I make up my next blouse..

Now for something I’m definitely going to alter for my second one. Remember that I undertook a round back adjustment for my Ultimate Shirt? Well this could also do with one, and a forward shoulder adjustment. Can you see in the image below, the shoulder seam is back from the top of my shoulder?

And look at this one; it’s really quite severe! Let this be a lesson to you youngsters sat at your computers. Maintain your posture and keep stretching back those shoulders.

I cut a straight size 10 as according to my bust measurement. I really wouldn’t want go up in size, so I need these adjustments improve the fit, giving me a little more volume in my upper back.

But beyond that, and one slightly rushed sleeve head, it’s perfect!!

A great addition to my work wardrobe.

Lovely cuffs. Will narrow the rolled loop next time.

The tension on my ‘really needs a service’ 18 yr old machine was really starting to fail here.

I might just have succumbed to a part exchange for a new machine!!!

I already have my fabric for my ‘going out ‘ version of the pussy bow blouse.

More viscose, but this time with a wiser sewer!

Have a lovely long bank holiday weekend. Enjoy the cold and wet, you can sew!!!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Love the fabric and I think it looks lovely. I’m not quite getting all adjustments that need to be made so find your eye for detail fascinating. Hopefully, mine will get well trained too.


    1. Hi meg. It’s only recently that I’ve found the patience for detail. And that was only after a 2 year break from sewing after many many disappointing makes. I try and research others experiences of the pattern before I try a new one. It just seems to have clicked recently. Good luck with your’s.


  2. Love the fabric you used, it works really well for this pattern and suits you.
    You’re as bad as me for pointing out the faults that nobody else will see but we do know don’t we and, like me, you are honest about your mistakes and I really think that, by doing that, we help newbies who might get put off sewing if everybody pretends they turn out perfect makes time after time.

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    1. Thank you!! If I’m about to embark on a new pattern I want to read about the pitfalls and I’ve picked up so many hints and tips from others. So hopefully someone out there will be using the ripper less because of what I’ve learnt!

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  3. I have this pattern but I haven’t had a go yet, so your hints and tips are very handy! Have you joined the Sew Over It Makers Group yet? They have loads of photos and updates of the SOI patterns there. Loved your review, hope to others in the future!

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  4. I have this pattern but I haven’t had a go yet, so your hints and tips are very handy! Have you joined the Sew Over It Makers Group yet? They have loads of photos and updates of the SOI patterns there. Loved your review, hope to see others in the future!


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