Summer short sleeve blouse

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Somehow I’ve come to love sewing shirts. I never thought I would ever be good enough to produce a professional looking shirt. I was always put off by the fit, the collar, the buttons.

This is the Butterick B6563 – A Butterick collaboration with Gertie of ‘Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing It has a definite vintage feel but I had spotted a couple of non-vintage versions on instagram which led me to this pattern.

Knowing the round back, forward shoulder issues I had with the Sew Over It Ultimate Blouse I made up a toile – always a good idea with a new shirt pattern!! This one was perfect. No alterations needed at all!! It just goes to show the difference between body shapes from different pattern companies!! I made up the exact size that coincided with my bust measurement.

There was no collar stand on this one so it came together super quick. I now appreciate that I actually like a collar stand and shall look out for it in the future. I also know you really need to be super accurate in cutting out, marking, pinning and sewing to get a good collar and I like things looking pretty perfect. I love the front darts at the waist and the bust darts.

The fabric is a chambray weight ‘blue diamond’ diamond weave shirting picked up from Fabworks in Dewsbury at only £5/m! It definitely changes it from ‘vintage’ to ‘professional’. The pocket placement is a bit quirky!

Next time I shall be more generous in the sleeve. It doesn’t feel tight but I think it looks it.

I added 2 extra darts in the back for extra shaping.

I love the dark navy buttons I picked up in Duttons for Buttons in Harrogate during a recent sewers meetup organised by the lovely Ali of @akathimberlina

And this is what happens when your daughter starts pulling faces at you through the kitchen window.

In all it is so comfortable to wear. It just goes to show you what you can do with a bit of patience and a good pattern. I’m thinking I might try the Named Saraste Blouse next. I’ve not done princess seams before.

Do you have a favourite blouse pattern?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Hey that is one profesh looking blouse. I like the nipped sleeves, it makes it look super neat. I make a shirt called the boyfriend shirt fromthe first sewing Bee book which I like but it is more casual. Sods law there on the toile – always the way! Jo x


    1. Thank you. It is lovely to make shirts that don’t gape at the front and don’t pull across the shoulders and are long enough to tuck in. So yes, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, a bargain. Fabworks is a mill/ex-stock shop so I think it is an ex-designer fabric because it is quite different from a usual chambray or cotton. I love it.


  2. I have this pattern and love the sizing but the interior seams on the front have left me worried. How did you decide to finish them? (I’m a new sewer and am not sure how to think about that!)

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    1. Hi there! Do you mean the edges of the button facings? I overlocked mine before assembly. Or you could use a zig zag stitch on your normal machine. That edge definitely need finishing somehow. Hope that helps.


      1. Yes! The edges of the button assembly. Thank you! I don’t know if I have an overlock stitch but I do have a zigzzg.


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