African Flowers

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I’ve been wanting to use the African Flower Crochet pattern in something for ages.
I’ve seen these bears, pattern by Heidi Bears, all over Pinterest

Heidi Bears African Flower bear
Heidi Bears African Flower bear

And also her hippos!

Heidi Bears Hippo
Heidi Bears Hippo

Then I read a post on the GrangeRange blog here about the African Flower hexagons she had made for Made By Patch’s collaborative blanket
I loved the Debbie Bliss cotton she used.African Flowers

I had my next three projects for Minerva Crafts to choose so I decided to make one of them an African Flower Crochet cushion. I’ve 3 months to make it up, so no rush.

These are my colours.

Cotton soft DK cotton by King Cole
Cotton soft DK cotton by King Cole

These are my first few.African Flowers
I’ll edge them all in white, varying the other four colours.African Flowers
I’m really enjoying these.African Flowers

The African Flower crochet pattern by Heidi Bears can be found here.

Glad to be crocheting again.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Those hippos and bears are the sort of things that make me wish I could crochet! It is Heidi Bear’s blog I am using to make my ‘toe-up, two at the same time, magic loop socks’ (just got to the heels!) and her step by step tutorial for these is incredibly comprehensive and so generous of her to have posted it with all those photos – must have taken her ages.


    1. I’ll definitely be checking out that tutorial, thank you. I have often thought about how on earth the 2-at-a-time socks came together. Never quite got my head around it.


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