A Cheyenne Tunic for 2023

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This is a definite TNT, ‘tried and true,’ pattern for me.

It’s the Hey June Handmade Cheyenne Tunic

I had this one in mind using this fabric last year but spring gave way to summer, and was just too warm a make.

This is a Meet Milk Whimsey Tencel Twill in ‘frog’ bought from one of Minerva’s 30% off sales last May.

My previous favourite Cheyenne Tunic was this one, also in a twill, but in an Atelier Brunette fabric (2019!)

Over the years I’ve made these versions too. You’ll find them here, here, here and here.

The monkey one has long gone, the fabric wasn’t up to the washing but I wore it loads at the time. My night shirt one always come out on sub-zero nights.

My new one is a size small with no adjustments.

I made sure I positioned the top button a little higher this time which stops me flashing! It’s my best half placket to date – always a little tricky. It pays to be super accurate with seam allowances around this bit.

My first Cheyenne half placket was held together with button hole ‘fray stop’ and it’s still going strong.

The tunic version is described as a dropped neckline with no collar and a shaped half placket. As usual I’ve gone for the 3/4 length sleeves with sleeve tabs, sleeves rolled up which is how I’ll wear it. 

However, although the sun is out today it’s still chilly. I’ll be wearing a vest underneath for a few more weeks yet!!

Love, Lucie xx


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