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I’ve just checked back to see when I made my first Luna Lapin. 16th February 2014!! This blog has started to make me feel old! Where has the time gone?

In 2014 my daughter was 13! She’s just turned 18, has finished her A Levels and I’ve just given her one last hug before she sets off Interrailing (travelling around Europe on the train) for 5 weeks. (Sob, sob)

Anyway, somethings never change. Like my need to keep my hands busy during the evenings without deserting my husband completely to spend more time with my sewing machine!

Mostly made up by hand, Luna Lapin is the creation of the owner of Cool Crafting, Sarah Peel.

This is my first one from 2014 made from a kit I picked up at a Creative Stitch and Hobbycraft Show in Manchester.

Since then there have been one or two additions complete with a coat and a knitted jumper.

And some boots.

And then, of course, a fox, because why not.

And then I decided I should stop. I really needed a good excuse before I added to my collection.

This hasn’t stopped others though.

There is a massive Luna Lapin and friends online community There are classes, sew-a-longs, tutorials. The sign of a really great product.

I’ve seen images of 20 or more, all lined up with their blank button stares.

But recently I had an excuse to sew up another – a baby in the family. And this one needed a waistcoat complete with a Liberty Lawn Lining.

And here he is, perched very briefly on the end before being parceled up to be sent to the Lake District which is quite funny because the Cool Crafting shop is based just up the road!!

I just need another excuse!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Let’s hope your extended family keep supplying you with excuses to make more. In the meantime, i’m sure this little lot keep you good company in your sewing room. Ooh, wait, I see a dresser – have they snuck into the dining room or kitchen?

    I cried like a fool when I dropped my firstborn at the airport to go back to the U.K. for University. Then I kept crying in the supermarket where I would reach for her favourite foods, only to remember she wasn’t at home to eat them.

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    1. Yes, it’s a dresser in the kitchen. I’m surprised I’ve got away with them there for so long by he that doesn’t like clutter!
      I’ve only the one child. I think I’m in denial and am trying not to think about it. She’s fairly worldly wise. A big adventure ahead of her whilst I wait for the daily text.

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