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I’ve returned to the Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network! This is where Minerva Crafts provide fabric and patterns in return for a blog post (hopefully!) showcasing their fabric and providing inspiration for readers of their site.

I’ve just checked, my last post for Minerva Crafts was November 2015! It was Tilly and the Buttons Agnes.

This time around I see this as an opportunity to use some really lovely quality fabric that I wouldn’t normally buy. My skills have come on so I feel less pressured and a little more within my comfort zone!

So this is the Very Easy Vogue 8724.

But to read the details you’ll need to jump across to Minerva Crafts here

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Leaving my comment here rather than over there as I don’t want to upset them by saying that I love Art Gallery knit fabric but it’s hideously expensive in the U.K. Maybe I ought to try to do a swap with one of my U.S. readers – some Art Gallery for some Liberty of London (of which I have quite a large stash).
    Anyway, I love the dress on you, it really suits your figure and I am loving mustard/ochre/dark yellow at the moment so I love the fabric too.
    I’m with you on preferring a band around the neckline rather than turning the fabric over which seems a bit ‘meh’.

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    1. Yes, extremely expensive!! You’d have to think long and hard if your make could justify the fabric purchase!!
      However the colours and designs are just head and shoulders most alternatives which is why I’m sure it sells. It’s a real indulgence though.
      I think perhaps the lack of neck band is a nod to ‘very easy’


  2. Gorgeous dress, Lucy, and very well done! Yes, Art Gallery is expensive over here, too, but such good quality. Love the colours in your fabric and will try to find some over here at reasonable (?) price. 🥴 Have a wonderful vacation!

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