Honey Blouse, I’m not usually a frill person….

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With a return to the office on the horizon, my mind has turned to office wear, or at least garments that will work for home and work.

I’ve been looking at the statement collars around and the enormous ones are just not for me. However the Honey Blouse by Fibremood caught my eye.

The frills reminded me of the sloan rangers of the eighties.

It’s a fairly boxy shape with a subtle A-line cut created by the gathers at the back.

The optional frills on the collar and button band brings it bang up to date.

I went all out and opted for the frills to the collar and the button band.

I did however make some changes.

I had a pretty stable red diamond weave Italian shirting fabric from Fabworks I wanted to use. I had used the blue version previously in my Gertie Blouse and it washes and washes and irons beautifully.

I wanted to wear the Honey now, in the cooler months, so for warmth I needed to length both the body and the arms.

I also couldn’t live with the tie’s to the cuffs which whilst pretty, are not practical for every day life.

So I lengthened the body by 10cm and the sleeve length by the same. I made the size according to my bust size.

I took the sleeve from my Liesl and Co Classic Blouse and traced the shape from the armpit to the wrist onto the honey sleeve and also used the cuff.

It’s quite a technical make and Fibremood assumes that you do have a good bit of experience behind you, based on the instructions which are mostly diagrams, which I like.

It needed time and patience to get those frills even and neat, especially around the corners of the collar.

I really love it and I’m looking forward to making it again in a softer fabric, perhaps a crepe. But definitely in another solid.

It fits well on my shoulders and across the back. The shoulder seams sit bang on the top of my slightly forward shoulders, with no adjustments.

And I would definitely add the frills to a collar of a more fitted blouse too, perhaps as a contrast colour.

Love, Lucie X

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