Embroidered boxy blouse

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Meet my latest blouse crush.

This is the Butterick B6563

I’ve made it before, last summer, here. It’s a blouse that remains in rotation in the summer months.

It has bust darts and waist darts to the front. Last time I also added waist darts to the back for this super slick fit.

It was always comfortable despite the fitted style.

But this looks completely different!

So, to the main changes to this one made up in embroidered white cotton (from Bombay Fabrics, Bradford.)

To widen the end of the sleeve I took out some of the curve of the end of the sleeve cap and also widened the sleeve by splitting the pattern piece through the centre and spreading it by 2cm before drawing up a new pattern piece.

I left out the waist darts to the back.

Of course the most obvious change is the length. When I first made up this blouse in this embroidered white cotton, I tried it on and it looked a little ‘meh’. Not the crisp white summer blouse I had in mind. It was too ‘pretty’ , but also stiff and not really me at all.

However by cutting off the curved hem and turning it up 2 inches and machine hemming it I’ve finished up with a slightly boxy modern looking style top; which I love!

The fabric seems a little sheer but you can hardly see my underwear through it.

Despite not having a yoke, the fit across the back is great. I used the size according to my bust measurement with no alterations.

With no collar stand it is super quick to make up.

The embroidery made it impossible to ‘ease in’ the sleeve head, so I’ve just evenly gathered the top of the sleeve.

So a very successful save and a blouse I’ve managed to sneak into the last week of Me Made May 2020!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Wow, this looks so different to the first one! Gorgous! And the collar looks lovely. Was it hard to put in? It looks like a notched collar style (that I’ve always had difficulty with – have given up on similar patterns!) but maybe it wasn’t?

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