Big teal blanket update

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I’ve a teal blanket update today. I can do one square easily in just over an hour. I’m averaging at 4 a week.

Here are the first six all blocked.

Teal blanket

I’ve another 4 ready to block but six seems a nice number to fit onto my recently (should have bought them ages ago) purchased foam playmats.

Teal blanket

The pattern is from the byHaafner blog. The popcorn blanket.

This is hers.

byHaafner popcorn blanket

If I imagine hard enough, I can see the beginnings of mine.

I had planned on 30 squares but I may do more. It’ll be a snuggle rug for our living room and I’ve all this lot to get through.Womens Institute dk

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love that design – it’s going to look beautiful. I’d never heard of the foam playmats for blocking before. I guess it would work for knitting too. Are they interlocking so you can make the surface bigger and smaller?


      1. Hi Lucy, I saw the play mats on Amazon – a lot cheaper than I paid for ‘proper’ ones – but some had really bad write-ups. Can you tell me who you bought yours from. Gorgeous pattern, your blanket’s looking great already 🙂


  2. Hello Lucy
    Just came across your blog googling ByHaafner (whom I already knew) & I’m glad you had a Bloglovin’ button😍
    I’ve these very same playmats I bought with the same purpose in mind, but… how do you know you’re blocking the squares to the same size?


    1. Hi Cristina. Once I’d blocked the first one I cut out a template in a piece of card the same size and shape as the area that WASN’T covered by the square. An L shape. Does that make sense? Lucie x


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