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Imagine, if you will, a Greek island, much like the island that Mama Mia was filmed on (it’s the one next door).


Imagine I’ve a fair golden tan and my roots don’t need doing (this Friday).

Imagine I’ve no bags under my eyes from a day in front of a computer and I’m not stood in a chilly garden in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, posing for my impatient daughter who would rather be doing other things.

Imagine instead that I’m strolling down a Greek harbour front with my ‘smiling’ daughter and ‘chilled’ husband for a fresh fish dinner.

Imagine I’m wearing this dress!Myrtle Dress by Collette

I fell in and out of love with this dress whilst I was making up. I had the comfort that the fabric was a remnant picked up from Abakhan for around £4 so I persevered thinking at least I could work through some new skills ready for another attempt later on.

I decided it night just be good enough for around the pool as a cover up.

However, when I finally attached the bodice to the skirt and added the elastic my love for this simple dress came full circle.

Myrtle Dress by Colette

Myrtle Dress by Colette

This is the Myrtle Dress by Colette. It came with a booklet of step by step instructions with pictures which was a pleasant change from my usual Burda patterns.Myrtle Dress by Colette

I had seen so many great examples of this dress by Colette and I love a cowl. Myrtle Dress by Colette

It’s pattern for stretch fabrics but there are also instructions for a woven version available on their website which includes different finishes for the neckline/arm holes etc. The stretch instructions allowed for only minimal seam allowances, expecting you to overlock only all the seams.

This fabric was almost a mixture of the two, a thin stretchy woven, slippery and it frayed like mad.

I stitched the seams on my normal machine and with the mean seam allowances and the fraying fabric it just looked a mess.

However once the allowances were overlocked and the other raw edges disappeared as I pieced it together, it transformed from a shabby remnant into this rather pleasing frock. The pesky fabric drapes like a dream.

I’m definitely making another; but with a couple of adjustments.Myrtle Dress by Colette

This was the long version and it is only turned under by a cm! For a day time one that I would wear out and about in the summer (in Wakefield) I will add a couple of inches to the bottom. I’ll probably add an inch to the length of the bodice as well but looking at these photos in not sure it’s necessary now.Myrtle Dress by Colette

I will use a slightly thinner elastic but this was all they had in an emergency at Dunhelm Mill.

Myrtle Dress by Colette

And next time I’ll put on some fake tan.

Love, Lucie xx


    1. Yes, with a little knowledge really easy. It’s marked as beginner but I wouldn’t have liked to attempt it a year ago.
      The way of putting in the elastic sounds confusing when you first read it through but if you follow it closely it works well.


  1. Perfect Greek fetaway dress! That style looks really great on you! I didnt realise that it could be made in wovens so thanks for that tidbit😃


  2. I love the fabric choice, this dress looks great on you and I think the fit is really good. You mentioned that you would maybe increase the front bodice the next time but I think it looks great as is 🙂


    1. Thanks. I agree it I think it looks great in the photos but it’s sitting above my natural waist which feels a little odd. I think perhaps I would fidget less in it if it were on my waist, if you know what I mean.


  3. Ooh, lovely! I’ve just blogged about a cowl necked top myself, inspired by your series of pretty tops. Believe it or not, it makes me look LESS booby, where you had the opposite. Mind you, could just be the crazy fabric I used:)


  4. I have made this in quite a fine jersey fabric. I vaguely remember the waistline being a bit of a pain – I think my elastic was also slightly too wide. I’m not convinced a cowl neck suits me but it looks good on you so I look forward to seeing future versions.
    It is a useful dress – perfect for slipping on for an amble around the Greek markets and a cocktail before dinner.


  5. Love the print, my friend who buys her clothes told me navy is all over the shops at the minute. The cowl neck really suits you!
    I’ve been freezing in Wakefield today too, spent the day at Carlton cricket club. It was freeeeezing! ❄️


    1. When is this weather going to warm up? Another chilly weekend on the horizon although today was about passable. Daughters birthday next weekend. She was talking about a BBQ!


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