Dewsbury – my new fabric destination.

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I was unable to attend the Yorkshires Spoolettes sewing blogger meet up organised by Ali of Thimberlina  in Dewsbury a few weeks ago.

However with Dewsbury being only one junction up the motor way, I was keen to find out what the fuss was all about.

Well let me tell you. After years of slating good old Wakefield for its lack of dressmaking fabric shops I no longer need to take that trip over the Peninnes to Minerva Crafts or Abakhan. I have something much, much better(cheaper) on my doorstep a mere 10 minutes away. Something I never even knew existed.

Armed with Ali’s meet up map,spoolette-dewsbury-map

Mum, who was staying for the weekend, and I hit the streets.

First, Fabworks. OMG!!!!!

fab works

Seeing is indeed believing. You can not imagine. I could have bought half the shop and gone back for the rest the following weekend. Fabworks is a mill shop, buying anything that they think will be of interest to their customers. So you’ll find a choice as vast as you’ll find anywhere and I’ve not even touched on the furnishing fabric.

Walls and walls of fabric generally at around £5 or £6 a metre for a cotton, cotton print, jersey, viscose. Although you’ll pay more for luxury pieces.

Look at this selection of scuba!

Fabworks scuba      A few minutes walk across town led us to Lucky FashionsLucky fashions

This smaller unpromising exterior hid a further wealth of fabrics at around £3-£5/m!!!!!

Just look at the printed jerseys!

Lucky Fashions printed jerseys

There were some really unusual pieces here. The lovely owner told us how she often selects the fabric straight off the printer. And when it’s gone, it’s gone.

After purchasing further fabric she then told us where to find her cheaper(!!!!!) stall on the market where I picked up remnants for skirt and a skirt lining for £1/m!!!!

I’ll show you what I’ve bought when it all passes through the washing machine and ironing basket. Out of the 10(!!!!!!!!!) pieces of fabric I’ve bought I’ve only one which screams at me ‘WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ME?!!!!!!!’

Unfortunately, but perhaps understandably, neither of these shops has an online service, so you’ll have to make the trip yourself.

Fabworks is open daily 9 – 4pm and on Saturdays 9 – 2pm

Lucky Fashions is only open Wednesdays and Saturdays to match Dewsbury’s market days.

So thank you to Ali of Thimberlina

We had a great morning. I just need to ban myself from going again for a couple of months!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Looks like you had a ball! Glad you enjoyed it!
    I was eyeing up the peachy scuba for another Morris blazer when I went last week, and after seeing it again here I’m going to have to go back before its all gone!


  2. Aargh, why is there nothing like this where I live? I’d be in fabric heaven and would happily spend a small fortune – although that doesn’t seem possible at those prices!


    1. It was quite amazing when I’m used to seeing £18/m for fabric online. I’m always really nervous of buying cheap fabric online without seeing it first.
      Both places were such gems. I just want to drape my entire house in my purchases whilst I decide exactly which patterns to match with them. And then find time to sew them all!

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  3. Oh Thanks for sharing! I will be making a trip soon. My in laws are coming in 2 weeks so I may actually be childfree for a couple of hours😃.


  4. Looks like a great place. When I was in the U.K. a couple of weeks ago I took myself up the Goldhawk Road (in London) which is famous for fabric and all the shops are in a line and all look unpromising but are stuffed with fabric. However, they weren’t as cheap as 3 or 5 quid a metre and I didn’t see such a wide range of knit fabrics. I have Jersey Envy.


    1. I hear about Goldhawk Road all the time on other blogs as a Holy Mecca for fabric and often wondered what it was like. I no longer feel the need to include it on my next trip to London, now I’ve found my own jersey 😉 paradise.


    1. Lucky Fashions is on Croft Street but only Wednesdays and Saturdays to match Dewsbury market days.
      Fabworks is Providence Mills, Bradford Street, Bradford St, Dewsbury WF13 1EN


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