Me Made May week 2

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I need more tops!

This became apparent during this 2nd MMMay’15 week. I’m attending more and more client meetings these days so I need more smart tops that I can wear under my jackets. Tops that are cool, to keep my cool when under question, or delivering a presentation.

My Made in May week 2 is summed up in the following. All those already fed up with MMMay’15 posts, please look away now.

Without my daughter always on hand, I’m getting rather adept at the mirror selfie.

My first Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape top worn under one of my favourite rtw cardigans for fabric shopping.

Maria Denmark Day to night drape top.

Back at work on the Monday and I wore my Burda 6914

Burda 6914
Another diagonal selfie! I must remember to plump up those cushions!

Another work day, another work top with my True Bias Sutton Blouse

True Bias Sutton Blouse

And finally to end the working week another wearing of my blue Burda 6914, having completely forgotten I had already worn it once already.

Burda 6914

On Saturday the sun shone briefly although the wind was still bitting. I braved my Pink Burda 7051

Pink Burda 7051

This weekend I did indeed set to and made more tops, the product of which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.;)

Love Lucie xx


  1. I’m impressed the tops you do have work so perfectly though. These all look great and it’s interesting to see how you style them in different ways. If we add your wardrobe of tops to my wardrobe of skirts we’d have the perfect mix πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh your tops fit you so nicely. I especially love your Burda 6914 – maybe I am always drawn to polka dots! But I like the pleating at the neckline.


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