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We’ve had a weekend away. Freya and I shared a friend’s cabin at Center Parcs. It’s something we both love doing but we leave Mr Jones at home; he is rather disparaging about the place!

We had a great time on the Segways and even had some Stand Up Paddleboarding tuition but I seem to have spent the rest of the time submerged in water and have come home with a stinking cold!

So I’ve nothing to update. I can see by the multitude of posts I have to catch up with, you have all been really busy.

I just have this to report. The wedding purses I made for myself and Freya, for my wedding last year, made it into Sew Magazine as part of their wedding day makes article.  

I can hardly believe that this time last year I was up to my neck in wedding preparations.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my wedding crafting. Thankfully, I had managed to spread it out over a few months so nothing became a real chore. It’s not something I’d like to do again in a hurry, though!

And then this popped up in my notifications this morning!
My blog is two years old today!
I never thought I’d reach two years but blogging and reading blogs has become such a part of my day to day routine it’s not something I have to think consciously about making time for. Conversing with all you lovely people is not something I could consider not doing.

I get to meet some more sewing bloggers in ‘real life’ this weekend. We have a bloggers meet up arranged in Leeds to chat and tour around the local fabric stalls and shops; something I’m really looking forward to.
So I’d like to ask you, how old is your blog?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Look at you – you’re in all the glossy mags these days! haha 🙂 congrats on your two years too! Unfortunately I can’t make it this Saturday but it’d be lovely to see you again soon xx


  2. It took me ages to catch up with all the missed blog posts in my Reader after our few days away too – I really miss seeing what everyone’s been up to if I don’t browse for a day or two. Woo hoo on your two years, quite a milestone (my first bloggiversary is in a couple of weeks, I think).


  3. congrats on the article and the anniversary. I think I am coming up on 5 years soon. Crazy how it becomes like a good friend you chat with every day, isn’t it?


      1. not sure what inspired me, but the blog has definitely changed over the years – much more crafting happening – I credit all the other bloggers with that – they inspire me to create more and share more about what I am creating. 🙂


  4. How exciting to be in print! My blog is about 5 years old; I started out very regularly, then got VERY sporadic, then got in step again when I got back into quilting and found linky days.


  5. Happy blogaversary! I’m approaching a year next month, I love all the great ideas I see on other blogs, although it’s not helping me finish things off as I keep taking on more and more! Those bags are beautiful.

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