The start of a new dress

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I’ve started a new dress. This will be just my second dress, after my lovely grey number.
Burda syle Cowl Dress 102012
This new one is more fitted. It is this Burda Style empire line dress, view B.

Burda ladies easy sewing pattern 7557 empire line dress
Burda ladies easy sewing pattern 7557 empire line dress

I didn’t realize that this was a pattern for the ‘petite’. It doesn’t tell you this until you open it up. Luckily for me, at 5ft 3, this means that all the proportions are perfect.

This is my fabric.

 Wacky Animal Print Jardin Stretch Cotton Sateen Dress Fabric
Wacky Animal Print Jardin Stretch Cotton Sateen Dress Fabric

Again I seem to have chosen a rather wild print! I’m hoping this dress might be a contender for York races, one of our annual days out in the summer. At least I’ll not get lost in the crowd!
But of course a fitted dress means making a toile.
I cut out on Easter Monday, an American size 14, once I’d had enough sun in the garden. Through the week it’s been a case of a dart here and a seam there, whenever I can get 10 minutes to myself between work, cooking, washing, the gym, more washing, pack ups etc, etc, etc.
Last night I fitted it to Lola, and then with the help of my daughter, to me and then back to the dress form.

To be fair it didn’t need much but the fabric is a stretch cotton so it needs to fit well.

I will really need to pay attention to being precise with the dart placement. These ones around the front matched up pretty well but the ones around the back had wondered off a little. For me this is the beauty of making up a toile. As well as improving on the fit, it makes me aware of the details that I need to take more care over.Burda 7557 Toile
I think I’ve cracked it, well as much as I am able. I’m sure there are plenty out there who could advise me on what I also should have done. Please do!

Burda 7557 Toile

So now onto the fabric. Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. My gosh! You are on a roll! I am so envious of all your wardrobe items from the marakesh fabric skirt to the orange sutton top . Now this! I love love that style and it looks gorgeous on you. How do you get the time to make all these things? 🙂


    1. Thank you! I just sneak time in here and there. I rarely get a whole afternoon to sew which would be an absolute luxury. The sewing of my orange top was one such time when I had an afternoon to myself which I thoroughly enjoyed!

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  2. Toile looks good and I think it willbe fab on you. Just my opinion, but when you come to sew the final dress, baste the side and back seam and try on before finally stitching. I think you maybe surprised how much give the stretch cotton will have.

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  3. It looks like it’s going to be a cracker! I agree with sewmanju – I made a Sureau earlier in the year with a bit of stretch and it ended up looking enormous on me and this was with a pattern I had used before and fits me well. Have a lovely weekend – happy frock making!


  4. Hi! Lovely pics. I think the grey patterned dress would suit me, but not the other style, too flat around the tummy! Look forward to the next pics. Love Ma. Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

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  5. If the Burda envelope patterns are the same as the downloadable ones, you can tell they’re petite by the fact that the EUR sizes are odd numbers. (I think!)


  6. I love this fabric and it’s on my list for a Minerva make! It’ll be a fab dress for the races – I usually make a new dress for Ascot Ladies Day each year and I haven’t even thought about it yet:)


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