Head full of fog

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Last week a simple cold turned into man flu which resulted in a feeling much akin to having ones head in a vice for several days.

This meant no bending down, so no tracing off patterns and cutting out and no having the concentration nor patience for fiddling with the thread tensions on my machine trying to sew up my new Mrytle Dress with particularly fine polyester/crepe material.

Times like these call for simple crochet.

I’ve needed a couple more pin cushions for a while now. One for every room of the house (almost).

Just two circles of double crochet joined together and stuffed.

Crochet pin cushions

They certainly looked cheerier than I felt.

Finally yesterday, Sunday, the fog had started to lift and I laid out my crochet squares to decide upon the order I was going to sew them up in.

Circles within squares crochet blanket

And very pleasing they looked too.Circles within squares crochet blanket

I’m hoping to get back on my sewing machine this week. I miss it!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I came back on Friday from a visit to the U.K. with the first cold I’ve had in about 6 years (must be the French mountain air) but luckily it was just a mild one.
    Anyway,you can never have enough pincushions.


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