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I love my needle case. I use it all the time and it has saved me hours in hunting down needles.

Needle case in Liberty Lawn
Needle case in Liberty Lawn

My mum loves her’s, requested after she had seen mine.

my mum's needle case
my mum’s needle case

I’ve just made these three with three particular ladies in mind; made from the half price Liberty Lawn I picked up at the recent Yarndale Festival.

Liberty Sewing Needle Cases
Liberty Sewing Needle Cases

You’ll find my tutorial for making one of these lovelies here.

But there is one tip I’ve picked up while watching the odd Craftsy video class (which I could get quite addicted to if I didn’t need to slip a decent amount of sleep into each 24hrs).

Have you ever joined 2 pieces of fabric together (e.g. for a zipped purse or pocket front) by sewing around the edge (front face to front face) and then clipped the corner prior to turning it the right way around only to push your knitting needle/crochet hook right through the corner stitches whilst pushing out the corners? This method prevents all that.

It’s a little tricky to show you but basically instead of sewing to the corner, needle down, foot up, turn fabric, foot down, carry on sewing along the next edge. You sew straight off the edge of the fabric, cut the threads, turn over the corner along the line of previous stitches and sew the folded section of fabric down as you sew the next edge. Then you press with an iron all the edges, folded in, towards the centre before turning the right way round.

It really works! You end up with nice crisp corners and no tell tail signs of being too aggressive when pushing the corners out.

One of these will get delivered this weekend; the rest are put aside for Christmas.

Oh, and they say things happen in threes? It was pointed out to me yesterday, that I actually had 2 photos appear in Love Sewing magazine, yesterday.

These are my wedding purses advertising (with permission off course) the online fabric store, White Tree Fabrics

My wedding purse in Love Sewing Mag
My wedding purse in Love Sewing Mag

I had a lovely email from White Tree Fabrics and they tweeted all day and put a post on Facebook giving me all the credit for my image.

My next aim is to actually get a reference to my blog in print!!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’ve got a sort of round ended poking tool which is good but not quite enough for smaller corners so thank you for this tip. After you’ve folded down along the line of stitches, where do you start sewing for the second bit – from the edge or from the seam allowance? (Lazy question as I could just go and try it out)
    Congrats for becoming even more famous. Once you get a printed mensh for your blog I suppose we’ll all be fighting for space on here 🙂


    1. No, not a lazy question, I hadn’t come across it before. You start sewing from the edge, or just inside the edge and reverse to reinforce the corner.
      The pressing before you turn out also makes a difference.


  2. These are so pretty. I have to confess, I don’t own a needle case. I keep my needles either in my pin cushion or in the rubbish little plastic wheel case they came in. Must rectify that!


  3. Made three needle cases this afternoon for a craft fair I’m at tomorrow! I hadn’t got any Liberty fabrics but I did have some Makower Notions with retro sewing things on. Loved the corner advice…it worked really well. I have tried needle cases before bit could never get the corners square. Thanks for the advice. I’ve put them on my Face Book page and given credit to you and your blog address! So it’s in print in a small way!!


  4. I saw those little purses and wondered if they were the same ones you made for your wedding. Hope White Tree Fabrics will also send you some fabric to say thank you. 😄


  5. What a good use of the fabric. They look great. I thought it was a shame they did not actually refer to your bag or blog as that is the photo with the article. But good anyway!!!


      1. Yes. I bought it because I fancied making the dress! Not sure now I realised it is two way stretch!! It will cling cling cling! Not good on my figure!!! Lol


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