Blackberry jam and Brownies

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When Freya was small we would bake together.
Biscuits were her favourite thing. We had a box of 101 cutter shapes. People, stars, flowers, people, boats, cars and of course many letter shapes; an initial for all the people in her life.
After the baking came the decorating. Tubes of coloured icing, teeth breaking silver balls, sugar flowers and edible glitter.
Always a fun but exhausting afternoon, finishing off with a mop of the floor.
But times move on. These days we cook and bake alongside each other, happily sharing the stove, singing along to the radio. I still get to do the washing up.

This weekend, as I made blackberry and blackcurrant jam, Freya made Brownies.
While I simmered, Freya melted.

As I boiled, Freya poured.

As I filled, Freya’s Brownies cooled.

As I labelled, we both ate.

A perfect Sunday afternoon.
Some lament for the times when their children were small. If I’m honest I prefer these more grown up, companionable days.

I’m looking forward to Brownie and ice cream for pudding, later.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. What a lovely afternoon! Are the jars gifts? What a lovely sentiment – although my almost 3 year old has it moments am loving him being the age he is. Learning not to wish away a particular age and enjoying the present.


    1. A few will be given away to appreciative friends but mostly we’ll eat it ourselves, together with the strawberry jam made earlier in the year, over the next 12 months. We get through a lot of jam!


  2. I made lemon curd at the weekend but it was a lone pursuit! My cooking daughter is away doing an internship and the other isn’t interested in the slightest – apart from in eating the finished product of course.


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