2 reasons to smile

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OK, I have many reasons to smile, but yesterday, out of the blue, I had 2 more.

Do you recognise one of these? (BIG HINT – Brenda Ballerina!)

Abakhan September winners
Abakhan September winners

Well, would you believe it, I had won myself a £20 voucher to spend at Abakhan!

And then, prompted by a friend who told me I might want to look in my Love Sewing magazine, I saw this

Freya, in the kimono I made her!

A double whammy!

Love, Lucie xx


    1. Now there’s a question. Being brought up on the North Wales coast in the days before internet, Abakhan was our nearest fabric retailer. My mum and I spent many a Sunday morning in there. I think I’ll have more enjoyment choosing in person than over the net so I’ll hold onto it until my next trip to see my parents.


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