Do you like these?

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Do you like these?Crochet retractable tape measure

Can you guess what they are?

Ta dah!

Crochet retractable tape measureI made these last night. I was inspired by this photo on the carinascrafts blog. She had received this lovely cat tape measure that her parents had brought back from a trip to Vietnam. What a brilliant simple idea.
Crochet cat tape measure
I bought the tape measures from ebay. A bargain at £1 each and they are of an equal quality to others I’ve used.
I used my Planetpenny stash of cotton yarn.Planet penny cotton
I bought this pack last year and love to dip into it for my mini makes.
These took around an hour each. I crocheted the back as a disc and then the front. For the sides I crocheted into the back loops of the front disc, 3 rows of doubles, leaving a gap to push the tape end through. Then with the tape measure in place I slip stitched the back disc into the front. So not even a need to hand stitch the parts together.
This is the back.
Crochet retractable tape measure
Now maybe I’ll have a chance of finding a tape measure when I need one.Crochet retractable tape measure
Have a lovely crafty weekend.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. These are so pretty, and so easy to make thanks to your simple instructions. I have loads of small balls of yarn that need using up – this seems like an ideal project.


    1. I couldn’t have been any further wrong if I tried !!!!

      What a super idea. My mam used to have a tape measure in every one of her bags as she always said ‘you never knew when you needed to measure things’. She would have loved it xx


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