Baby bibs and burp cloths

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I think ‘burp cloths’ are an American thing. I certainly didn’t use one when Freya was a baby; we just used muslins over our shoulders. But what a great idea!

I needed something light weight to send to Gibraltar. An ex colleague of mine has made her life down there with her husband and has just had a beautiful baby boy.

Matching bibs and burp cloths fitted the bill. I think it is always nice to have something special for when you are visiting friends or venturing into your first ‘bumps and babies’ coffee morning.

I had already bought the cotton fabric

fabric for baby boys
fabric for baby boys

so I just needed to source some fine fleece for the backs of the bibs. I chose fleece due to it’s softness, washability and the fact that it won’t mind being ironed. It also has a certain amount of waterproofness about it to prevent undergarments becoming saturated.

A wistful half hour was spent riffling though my bag of Freya keepsakes for a bib to use as a pattern.

Bib and burp cloth patter
Bib and burp cloth patter

I made up the burp cloth pattern from what I had seen on Pinterest.

I used my template to draw the shape onto the fabric. I didn’t cut it out at this point as it is so much easier to sew around curves when you’ve plenty of fabric to work with.

Bibs and burp cloths tutorial
With right sides together, I sewed my two fabric pieces together, remembering to leave a 2 inch gap for turning.
Before turning I clipped around the edges, you can do this conventionally or cheat and use your pinking shears like me.
Bibs and burp cloths tutorial
Then I turned it the right way around, using my crochet hook to push out the ends, and pressed flat with a medium iron.
All that was left to do was to carefully top stitch all the way around, including over the gap I left for turning.

Bibs and burp cloths tutorial

Bibs and burp cloths tutorial

And look, I’ve made all these!
Bibs and burp cloths tutorial

Bibs and burp cloths tutorial
Just waiting on some Velcro to arrive through the post. I thought I would use Velcro as it allows for a bit of neck growth and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a loose press stud.
Bibs and burp cloths tutorial


Which is your favourite?
And who is watching the Sewing Bee tonight?

Love, Lucie


  1. Leaving aside the name which conjures up all sorts of yukkiness, these are wondrous. Like you, I had the obligatory muslin square over my shoulder at all times to catch the ‘posset’ I think it was called – a word I had never heard before, nor since, apart from in recipes so I’m sure it can’t be the same thing.


  2. I love the green one. The color is so light and perfect for summer days. Toddlers love to play outdoors, well then I think this baby bibs are suitable for them. A very design simple but the most adorable one I’ve saw. Great Job!


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