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I’m so enjoying my Luna Lapin kit.

Luna Lupin from coolcrafting
Luna Lupin from coolcrafting

You might remember that I picked this kit up at the Manchester Creative Stitch and Hobbycraft show last weekend.

Well, so far I have turned this

Luna Lapin kit
Luna Lapin kit

Into this

Luna Lupin - no arms, scary!
Luna Lupin – no arms, scary!

And last night, into this

A little less scary, but still naked
A little less scary, but still naked

All hand stitched!
So just the liberty print smock to run up over the weekend(on the sewing machine). A well thought out little kit.
This one will be for me but I have in mind at least 2 more for presents for littler girls.

I’ve also had a successful run through with the first of a set of bibs, I’m making for a new mum. But I’ll save that for another day.

Bibs for baby boys
Bibs for baby boys

Love Lucie xx


  1. Making soft toys isn’t my favourite thing but I do dabble sometimes and, isn’t it funny how they come to life once they’ve got a face even if it’s just a couple of buttons and a few stitches?


  2. Those bibs are fabulous! Any chance you’ll be adding them to Folksy? Is there any chance you would be willing to accept a commission to make some in an owl fabric for my to be born in June stepgranddaughter? Her Mum loves owls.


    1. Thanks, I’ve loved making her. I shall be ordering more felt for 3 more bunnies!
      I made loads of bibs yesterday. It just nice to see them in different fabric to normal. I’m hoping the mums will like them.


    1. I completely agree about boys fabrics but a sourced quite a few bits and pieces last Saturday and made up quite a few yesterday for requests and to go in the shop. Watch this space!


      1. She is….I love it!! I looked at the link you provided, and they really have some cute, cute things and prices are reasonable…of course I am in the states, but I certainly enjoyed my visit there….your rabbit looks like it is worth 10 times more than the price of the kit…adorable! Sandy


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