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I’m showing you this book for no other reason than I love it!
Recently I treated myself to an hour or so amongst the craft book section in whsmiths whilst my daughter and her friend were buying up the stock in those shops where nearly teenage girls spend their money, namely Primark.

Whilst having no intention to purchase a craft book, knowing that inspiration or a pattern can be found for most things on Pinterest, I came across this gem. It is All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens.

All sewn up by Chloe Owens
All sewn up by Chloe Owens

The reason this book appealed to me was the level at which it was pitched. Many of us don’t require pages and pages of basic techniques. This one got straight to the projects. There is so much I could produce from this book.

Darling bird mobile
Darling bird mobile

And so many templates and ideas that could be transferred onto any number if things.DSC_0413

The work is beautifully photographed and had me giddy at the prospect of starting one of these projects as I supped my coffee waiting as the girls headed once more into Boots for yet another mascara.All sewn up by Chloe OwensAll sewn up by Chloe Owens

I don’t know yet quite where I shall start but I love these slippers!

Gorgeous slippers!
Gorgeous slippers!

And I love these!

All sewn up by Chloe Owens
And this!

All sewn up by Chloe Owens
And especially this!


Oh, the possibilities!

I’ve ordered a new foot for my sewing machine to finally master machine embroidery.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I got this for Christmas – lovely isn’t it? – but haven’t got round to actually making anything from it yet. When you say ‘machine embroidery’ do you mean the type where you drop the feed dogs and sort of draw with the needle like a pre-schooler (well, that’s what mine looks like anyway) because, if so, that’s exactly what I was doing yesterday afternoon. I must admit it looked a right mess but I will perservere.


    1. Yes, that is what I mean. I can’t believe you have the very same book! I’ve had a little go but with just taking the foot off completely. I had a go at some words and thought it looked dreadful. However, looking at it the following day, I thought I looked quite good. I think it is just lots and lots of practice…..Hoping……


  2. I have this book too! I agree that you can’t help but fall in love with it…it is so pretty you just gravitate towards it! I haven’t completed any of the projects in it yet but there are so many that I want to try!


  3. this book looks fantastic! i love the bird mobile and the 3 bunnies in a row. Very colourful book, which even comes across with these photos you posted here. enjoy


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