The Big Knit

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My OH laughed when he saw I had bought these.

The Big Knit Innocent Smoothies for Age UK

‘Coca Cola have got you lot wrapped around their little corporate finger.’ He said.
‘Not only have they got you to knit little woolly hats for free. You have then bought some yourself, something you would not normally buy, for them to donate a mere pittance (in Coca Cola terms) to a good cause. It is actually just a major marketing tool.’

My hats for smoothies
My hats for smoothies

‘Yes, but it’s the taking part that counts’. I replied. ‘And anyway, I have a secret plan. I am going to keep the woolly hats I’ve bought on these bottles and send them back in next year. That way each hat will have generated 2 x 25p.’
‘You’re still mad.’ He said.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Yes, he *might* have a point, but taking part in a big thing is nice. Plus, I don’t know about you but I like Innocent Smoothies and Diet Coke and buy them with or without woolly hats. I do however LOVE the idea of sending them back next year. Good plan. I will do the same. x


  2. Ha ha ha, I LOVE the idea of sending them back next year! I’ve gotta say, I am with your OH on this one — they donate 25p from each sale to Age UK, but actually your time and wool etc would have cost you far more than that. (Plus, they will simply have a set amount put aside anyway, so why don’t they just hand it over?!) Ah, sigh, working for the sustainability department of a large corporation has made me a bit cynical.

    But, your hats were seriously cute, and I hope whoever bought them will have the same plan as you. In fact, I hope everyone has the same plan as you, that would see to Coke!


    1. I’m sure there is a flaw to my plan. As you say, they will have a set budget for charitable causes. But the thought of recycling these knits instead of throwing them makes me smile.


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