Calling all granny squares

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Do you have any unwanted granny squares lying about? You know, those that will never quite make it into the well-intentioned blanket?

Well Lida from Sweden of BestOfCrochet needs you! Or rather your granny squares. She would be even more delighted if you could run a few up to the prescribed size and ship them across to Sweden before the end of November.

She has a project in mind to crochet a blanket as a group effort, where each crochets a square or a couple that will be combined by Lida to make a cozy blanket as a Christmas present to be given to a good charitable destination. She was thinking either an orphanage or Syrian refugees.

If you fancy joining in here is the link.

Love Lucie xx


  1. Oooh are you going to do this? I’ve been vascilating as I’ve been planning to knit squares for blankets for Battersea Dogs Home. I will do some for this though as you and The Grange Range are.


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