Yorkshire School of Baking

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Every night at home this week we have been indulging in freshly baked breads, cakes and tarts.

In fact we’ve given up planning for dinner each night as we have based our evening meal around whatever has arrived in our kitchen.

I managed to photograph a few of these bakes before they were destroyed. You’ll have to forgive the spontaneous photographs. My family weren’t prepared to wait while I messed about with backdrops and props.

Twisted fruit loaf
Lemon drizzle cake with lemon cream filling
Stromboli, I’ve never had this before;it was delicious warm with soup.
Bakewell Tart. Pastry to die for.
Beautifully moist carrot cake
Fruit lattice pie. Warm with ice cream, mmmmmm.
Plaited potato loaf. Great with cheese.

The ones that got away were chocolate shortbread, chocolate loaf and a focaccia.

You see my daughter has been on a baking course this week.
A local baker and has wife are just about to open a bakery and coffee shop in Wakefield. Alongside this new business venture they offer courses for both adults and children, one to one and in groups.

A link to the website is here Yorkshire School of Baking
It was held in one of our local secondary school class kitchens. It’s rare we get such fabulous opportunities. I was extremely jealous!
We have always baked together but I think my daughter relished being taught by a professional.
She has already asked me to put her name down for the next course, hopefully next half term.
I have hung up my baking apron. Freya can take over now. Her bread is better than mine.
Love, Lucie x


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