A bag for breakfast Part 2

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I thought I would show you the progression of my crochet bag, purposely made as a shopper for the early morning trip to the bakers on my up coming holiday, started in this post here.

Crochet shopping bag progress
Crochet shopping bag progress

It is turning out a little larger than I was expecting but no going back now.

I was wondering about what type of handle to finish it of with.

I’ve settled on some large wooden hoops that I will incorporate into the sides of the bag. So after a few more rows I will start to form the circular cut out into which I will bind the hoops.
I thought the hoops might help the bag keep its structure with the added benefit of not involving further crochet!
I’ve ordered the handles off ebay this morning and left a crawly message for the seller pleading a quicker postage than the 5 days that is noted.
With only managing an hour (time constraints and finger cramp from the twine) or so each evening, I’m just on target to finish it to take away on holiday.

7 days and counting.

BTW I came across this huge number of vintage crochet bag patterns. It quite puts my shopper to shame!!


  1. If you’re not careful you’ll inspire me to pick up the crochet hook again. I love this bag even though it isn’t finished yet. I hope you’ll show us the finished product. Crocheting with twine must be a big challenge though – you’ve got my admiration!


    1. News flash! I’ve finished it! You’ll see it tomorrow.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. You really must dig that crochet hook out.
      Now I’m deciding what to start next. Needs to be holiday friendly.


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