Fibremood oversized Carry Blouse

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This is the Fibremood Carry Blouse. It’s from the latest edition of the magazine. Edition 22. I love receiving and looking through the magazine but it’s not often I actually make up something!!

I’m not sure about the ‘one side tucked in’ look, but here goes!

It’s an oversized shirt with 2 sleeve options. Classic sleeve with fairly dramatic pleats at the cuff or voluminous with pleats at the top of the sleeve head and gathers at the cuff. Both have a traditional cuff and placket.

I went with the classic sleeve although it was the dropped shoulder that I was initially drawn towards.

I originally made this up to wear as a beach cover up, but I actually love wearing it as it is meant to be worn, as an oversized shirt.

I went with the size small. My bust measurement was bang in the middle of the size small bust measurement range of 84 to 88 cm.

As an oversized shirt this seems a perfect size, but I would also consider the XS next time. I really love the dropped shoulder which is completely on trend at the moment.

I’ve gone with the classic sleeve which is voluminous enough for me.

The pink fabric is from the deadstock bins from Abakhan Fabrics in Mostyn on the North Wales coast. It cost around £4! I think it’s a viscose linen. It was quite a slippery tricky fabric to sew with. It really wanted to distort, and those pockets and plackets took a bit of careful pressing to get nice and even looking.

I didn’t help myself either by choosing a dark pink thread for all my stitching. I love how the stitching turned out, especially on the pockets but I had to be super accurate.

I used a light weight sew-in interfacing for the cuffs, button placket, collar and collar stand. Using a sew-in interfacing is fiddlier than iron on (but I’ve learnt from many a ruined shirt not to use iron on) as it can want to move around especially when using slippery fabrics. I’ve just seen someone using a water soluble glue stick to tack it in place so I’m going to trial that with my next collar stand – on some scrap fabric first of course!

I use Vilene Vlieseline L11 Light Soft Sew In Interfacing White 

Enjoy your week. it is indeed finally getting milder!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Ooh, lovely colour.
    I like tucking a bit of my shirt in at the front – apparently it’s ‘the thing’ – but I’m not sure your shirt is a little on the oversized size to look right. It looks better all the other ways you’ve styled it I think. When I had a jumper tucked in at the front the other day a chap I volunteer with told me I’d caught up my jumper by mistake. I had to educate him on styling but he looked at me blankly and I do wonder how many people think it’s weird . You’re also meant to push up sleeves to show off your wrists and I do like the look but it’s difficult to maintain as they keep falling back down and I draw the line at putting elastic bands halfway up the sleeves as I’ve heard tell some do 🙄
    Anyway, congrats on another lovely make, however you decide to wear it.

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    1. That made me laugh!!🤣🤣 Social media has a lot to answer for but I suppose we’ve been following fashion to a greater or lesser extent all our lives!
      I used to have expandable metal wristbands to keep sleeves up, away from the wrists. But I used them more for baking than anything else 😀


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