Lahja unisex dressing down and a Cheyenne Tunic nightshirt

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This is my new sleep wear set.

I suppose that not going out has made me look at it the things I wear everyday and think about replacing or upgrading them or turning them into something more luxurious to wear.

I have been eyeing up these waffle dressing gowns on IG and now I’ve finally gotten around to making one. Why did I leave it so long?????

This is the Lahja unisex dressing gown from Named Patterns

The fabric came from Minerva , 3.1m at £13.99/m in ‘Old Green’. I would completely recommend the fabric; it is a perfect weight for this. I feel like I’m wearing a robe from an expensive spa. Well one can dream!

For some very strange reason I cut out a size M. When I look at the size chart on the packet, it clearly shows I should have cut out a ‘small’, especially as it is an oversized pattern.

I thought I could get away with the Medium but it was clearly too big and even almost fitted my husband!

So I went back, undid the bottom and sleeve hems and ran another seam a generous inch in from the previous one. It is now round about the size Small. I took 4cm off the sleeve hem and still turn them up for doing the washing.

It is still generous but less enveloping than it was!!!

I’ve chosen to leave it on the long side, to keep out those draughts!

I included a label I had received at Christmas. It is indeed one of a kind with that wonky hanging loop placement!

Underneath is my fifth ( I know!!!!) Cheyenne tunic (by Hey June Handmade) . With our nightly temperatures regularly dipping below freezing at the moment, this brushed cotton nightshirt has kept me warm at night.

I’m not a lover of pyjamas. I think you’re either a pyjamas lover or a nightdress lover and I have always been the latter.

The fabric came from the remnant bins at Abakhan. And is not one little bit itchy unlike my wool one!!!

Made up in a size M in accordance with my measurements, I made the 3/4 length sleeves version, simple cuff, but left off the cuff button. I took out some of the waist shaping (made the sides straighter) to ensure it didn’t feel too constrained for sleeping.

I’ve lengthened it a good bit but should have gone longer!!

BTW I had bought my daughter a waffle dressing gown from the White Company for her Birthday last year at twice the price and not finished off as nicely. She now acknowledges that she should have let me make one for her! AND has put in an order for a shorter summer one.

One last flash!!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Ah! I wondered about using my Cheyenne Tunic pattern for nightwear and now I know it would work a treat. I think I’ve even got some brushed cotton if I didn’t give it away before the move so it’s stash friendly too.
    I love the dressing gown – the grey makes a nice change from the more usual white waffle.


  2. The robe is lovely – just what I need to make for my husband to replace his tatty one. Were you able to cut the full length M from 2.7m of that fabric? The pattern suggests 2.7m is only enough for the short version. Overstating the fabric requirements is a massive peeve of mine, especially when you also often need to round up if buying online!

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    1. Ah, well spotted! I’ve just gone back and changed it to 3.3m
      I bought exactly the fabric requirement. You can’t save much due to the shape of the pieces. It’s quite fabric hungry and there is quite a lot of wastage in the centre of the fabric which cannot be helped also due to the shape of the pieces. I actually cut all the remaining fabric into 8 inch squares and finished them on the overlocker for use as face cloths.
      I’m making another for a male member of our family, but I can’t say who, it’s a secret!!


  3. That’s a lovely robe and I may just copy you. My dear husband bought me a long fleece robe a few years ago and I just can’t warm up to it! I prefer natural fibers and love the pattern you chose.
    I recently made a flannel night shirt – I used the Kalle dress pattern from Closet Core because I wanted a collar to cover my neck. I think the Cheyenne would be perfect for summer.
    Thanks for posting…I seem to love all that you make. You inspire me.
    Best, Judy

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    1. Lovely to hear from you. I chose the Cheyenne particularly because I didn’t want to cover my neck lol. I’m just finishing another robe for my son in law for his 40th. I can see every one in the family getting one eventually along with shorter summer weight ones!!

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  4. Hi Lucie, I’m about to copy your gorgeous robe. The exact same fabric and pattern was already purchased when I saw yours! Did you interface the collar? I made one for my husband last autumn, and I think the collar became a little too soft. I hope you don’t mind me twinning with you 🙂

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  5. Hi Lucie, I’ve just cut out a Large size of the dressing gown pattern for a friend, but after reading your post I’m worried I’ve cut out too big. She is about a size 16. If its quite oversized, then I’m thinking I need to size down to a M. I was going to make one for me first, but I’ve not had time so I’d be interested to know what you think. Thank you.

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    1. I’m around a size 12 across the shoulders and waist, with narrower hips. This M feels generous on me, but I like it that way, it feels luxurious. I think you’d get away with a medium. But if you’ve cut out a large go with it. You can always take it in down the sides if really necessary.
      If making this again, I’d shorten the sleeves by 2 – 3 inches


      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m making it in a linen/cotton blend fabric, so I think I might size down to a med. I don’t want to offend her by making something that drowns her!! Love your version in the waffle fabric. Thanks for the tip on the sleeve length 🙂


  6. What a great robe! Do you think this would work in a wool knit fabric, like boiled wool or similar? Need a winter weight version for the cold days! 🙂


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