Big Herringbone Cowl completed!

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Yes, it’s finished. The ‘Big Herringbone Stitch Cowl’ is complete.

I’ve had enough of Herringbone Stitch for a while but it has been worth it.

Whilst I eventually got quite fast, it was a nightmare to pick up a dropped stitch. Hence there are a couple of little wonky stitches but wrapped around my neck, you’ll not notice.

It took over 30 hours to dry after dunking it in soapy water. So I’ll not be washing it again soon.
Saying that, blocking totally sorted out the wavy casting on and casting off rows.

It is a ‘Purl Soho’ free pattern that I found on Ravelry. This was my first time knitting ‘in the round’, something I’ll definitely be doing again.

This was my inspiration.

Big Herringbone Cowl pattern by Purl Soho
Big Herringbone Cowl pattern by Purl Soho

Clicking here takes you straight to The Big Herringbone Cowl pattern by Purl Soho on ravelry.

In fact, I would be very happy to work through every one of the Purl Soho designs.

Take a long look here if you are interested.

I used a gorgeous alpaca wool Artesano Aran Alpaca in Violet. It matches my favourite lipstick!

I’ll have to wait for the weather to turn cooler to wear it.

Artesano Aran in Violet
Artesano Aran in Violet

And here is my finished cowl.

Big Herringbone Stitch Purl Soho Cowl
Big Herringbone Stitch Purl Soho Cowl
The reverse side looks good too.
The reverse side looks good too.
The true colour shows up best on our kitchen table.
The true colour shows up best on our kitchen table.

It’s that time of year again when it is a nightmare to photograph anything in the daylight.

I will update you with one of me wearing it soon. But you’ll have to wait until a) it is light outside, b) I don’t look completely washed out from a day pouring over construction drawings, c) my daughter is around to take the photo. My OH (born in a previous decade)is hopeless with the iphone camera. 

Now I’m looking forward to a few quick turnaround projects before I make a return to my crochet blanket.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Well done – what a lovely colour. You are putting me to shame – I undid my first Bergère de France effort as I wasn’t happy with it and haven’t got around to starting anything else yet. It was ever thus with me and knitting which is why I have long gaps between projects involving yarn.


    1. The first 3 or 4 rows were a nightmare but I knew I only had 4 skeins to work through so I pushed on. Because I was knitting in the round with interchangeable needles I was able to use a slightly smaller gauge needle on the left which left space in the loops to knit2tog every time. This helped alot.


  2. Oh well done! It’s making me feel like I should go and start on mine again, but I agree with you on the dropped stitches. I was absolutely terrified of making a mistake / dropping a stitch, since I couldn’t figure out how to go back and rectify it. Add that to the cramps I got in my hands and… …oh, I’m just talking myself out of it again, ha ha. But yours looks so lovely and mine really has so little left to do (I think I must be 2/3 of the way through) that I have finishing-envy going on very strongly. I think you’ve inspired me!


    1. Thank you! To be honest an unfinished project just bugs me so I push on. I can’t wait to get each item finished. I think I need to learn to slow down and just enjoy the process! I love my cowl though.


    1. I fully soaked it in warm water with a little wool detergent. It looked nothing like the end result before. Well worth it. It took a couple if days to dry out fully, laid out on a towel in the kitchen. I changed the towel a few times when it got damp.


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