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My husband thinks Lockdown no 3 is having a negative effect on my mindset.

‘Why else,’ he exclaimed, ‘would you be making adult sized, children’s vest and pants sets?’

My answer is that I’m saving the planet by stash busting my jersey scraps. It turns out that this is actually terrifically good for my mindset if a feeling of satisfaction, pure delight when I put on a matching set, and a feeling of warmth and comfyness is anything to go by.

This is the Itch to Stitch Cartagena Cami and Made by Jack’s Mum Wonder Undies.

I started with the vests

Yes, I made quite a few! The instructions were great and the fold over elastic very easy to attach using a regular sewing machine zigzag stitch. These are straight off the machine with no practice.

They are quite addictive!

Kennis (of Itch to Stitch) provides you with the exact measurement of each piece of elastic required

I bought a range of foldover elastic off Amazon

Quite by chance, in my size one elastic spool was the perfect length for one complete vest.

The garment is body hugging. My stretchier jerseys are easier to get on than the one from an old RTW cotton T shirt (the navy one) with less elastane.

I made the size in accordance with my measurements. I would also recommend these for summer wear but I would size up for that instance unless you are lean with no additional bumps!

I have worn them most days beneath my new sweaters. They have washed and washed and washed.

The pants (knickers to me!) are the Made by Jacks Mum Wonder Undies

I chose this pattern as this looked liked the nearest silhouette to my everyday comfy pant and had good reviews by others.

The pattern features both briefs and shorts, both of which can be either low or high rise. The legs and waist can be finished with either elastic or jersey cuffs/bands. An overlocker/serger will create the neatest finish for some parts, but all options can be made using a regular sewing machine.

The pattern goes from XXS to 5XL and requires 4 way stretch jersey. I made the size true to my measurements.

The high rise waist is extremely high! Think Bridget Jones, but higher. After a couple of toiles I went with the low rise, but widened the waist band, a mid-way between the high leg and shorts leg, but narrowed the cuff at the groin and widened it slightly at the outer edge.

These are not sexy, but kinda cute for a 48 yr old when worn with the vest!. They are extremely comfortable and do not budge all day under jeans or joggers.

A complete win in my book

My husband just laughs!!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. These are just great! I’ve never had the urge to make underwear, but seeing these has definitely changed my mind – they look so comfy and who doesn’t love a matching set. What a great way to scrap bust, too. I really enjoy your posts Lucie – the level of detail and clear photos are so helpful.

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    1. Thank you! I’m pleased you enjoy my posts! I think my desire to use my scraps came before the desire to make underwear, but now I’m converted! I’d like to look into underwear that is less ‘functional’ looking but I’ve few things whizzing around in my head to do first 😉


  2. I love these sets – they’re so cute and I can imagine they’d make brilliant sleepwear especially in the summer.
    I did buy a pattern once for knickers and, as is my wont, bought lots of lovely elastic in preparation for lots of pairs but my first try didn’t turn out well – I think the stretch fabric I used had too much stretch – and I gave up. So, I have a drawerful of pretty elastic, some foldover some not, which makes me feel guilty. Maybe I’ll put this set on my list to get my ‘sewing for me’ going again.

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    1. I was thinking why my use of foldover elastic was so successful straight from the very first one and I think it is completely down to being given the exact length you need in the pattern instructions for each size. So I neither under nor overstretched accidentally. I’d like to have a go at using elastic on the knickers next but I’m now a bit wary!!


  3. These are so cute. I love your use of the contrast stretch elastic. I’ve had only disasters with that foldover stuff. It just stretched out my fabric, what is your secret? I’ve used strips of jersey in the same manner quite successfully though, so I’m guessing I could make similar camisoles.

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    1. I think the secret is that you are given the exact length of elastic to use for each section for each size so you can’t over or under stretch. Even my first one was a success with the correct length elastic☺️

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