Simplicity 8014

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I seem to have a great many shirt dress patterns in my collection. I always seem to be so undecided about what pattern to marry to what fabric I end up not doing anything!

Having bought a number of linen blends from Fabworks recently I took the plunge and made up Simplicity 8014.

I made up version C but with the collar

It is described as vintage shirt dress sewing pattern featuring a full length dress with collar and long sleeves, knee length dress with slim or flared skirt, and mini dress with collar and shirt tail hem.

I made up the size 14 in accordance with my bust measurement. Because I’m a little thicker around the waist and hip than the pattern suggests I added in 5mm seam allowance in all these areas.

However, I took the extra allowance straight out again once trying it on, so this is a straight size 14.

I love these buttons I bought in a huge fabric matching haul from Duttons for Buttons in York recently

In this perfectly weighted french navy linen cotton blend from Fabworks it looked a little matronly on me until I took 6 inches off the hem and raised the simple sleeve turn up by 2 inches.

The skirt looks quite sheer in these photos, but I hadn’t thought that when looking in the mirror.

I do like it very much but I think it has ended up as a dress I’d where for hot days at work as opposed to outside drinks at the pub, which is what I had in mind.

I think it’s the sleeves that could do with a little modernising.

I’ve not worn it yet but it’s looking warm towards the end of this week.

I found it a quick simple make but possibly because I have made so many shirts and blouses over the past year or so.

It now fits beautifully with plenty of ease to sit comfortably without distorting the dress across the buttons.

I think due to the nature of the fabric some wear and washing can only improve this garment.

Time will tell.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. This looks lovely on you. I have made this dress twice and I agree with your opinion on the sleeves. I have shortened them and like them better.

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  2. I think your version looks great Lucie, but I do agree with your comments….I made it a few years ago in some beautiful printed cotton from Stoff and Stil after a holiday in Copenhagen, and I felt very matronly in it! I made the mandarin collar which definitely doesn’t suit me, so unpicked that and added a proper collar. I then made a beaded belt and then removed it again! Better, but I still feel like Ena Sharples in it 🙈😂 (showing my age now!) and never wear it. If the fabric wasn’t so special it would be long gone now.


  3. I love the classic navy blue you’ve used. I’ve made this pattern 3 times! I used view C with the shaped hem and the mandarin collar. I also shortened the sleeves every time, and it needs to be belted to stop it looking too much like a nightie!

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  4. Really interested to see your version of this dress which looks lovely. Very stylish and I hope that you’ve had a lot of wear out of it. Also interesting to read that some others have made this dress with mixed results.
    I just finished a long sleeve version yesterday. A disaster. Pattern all good but my choice of 7 wale cord was a rookie error. I look like Arkwright in his store coat. Have chopped it off at low hip to turn it into a shacket. Fingers crossed.

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    1. I do hope it you get to love it!
      There are so many shirt dress patterns out there and I have spent far too long in weighing up one pattern against another.
      I actually wore my navy version an awful lot last summer. It was perfect for work in the heat wave. It wasn’t my intended use at all, but turned out very fortuitous!


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