Mind the Maker TATB Billie Sweatshirt

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I’ve been looking at the Mind the Maker fabrics longingly for some time.

But could I really justify £25.99/m for a sweatshirt?

At a requirement of 1.5m I was looking at £37.50 for a sweatshirt but made just a little more palatable by my 10% Minerva discount.

But then I would pay £40 for a top I loved, more than that really.

So when COVID put the breaks on me visiting my parents in Wales for the day just before Christmas, I cheered myself up with some luscious fabric.

This is another Billie Sweatshirt by Tilly and the Buttons

It’s made in the wonderful Mind the Maker Textured Jacquard Textured Knit in Indigo Night and Lipstick!!

As you can see, I’ve gone for the balloon sleeve but not the puffy shoulder.

I did this by

  • Laying the balloon sleeve pattern under the plain straight sleeve pattern
  • Putting a pleat down the centre of the balloon pattern piece to make it narrower so both patterns meet up at the arm pit (the balloon pattern is wider than the straight sleeve at this point)
  • The straight arm is longer than the balloon sleeve due to the shorter cuff, so I turned up the bottom to meet it.
  • And voila!!

And I’ve also changed the neck band to a funnel which I made just by taking the length of the neckband pattern and adding 2 inches to the length. The finished funnel neck is about 4 inches high, so 8 inches of fabric folded in two.

Another thing!! I made the arm cuff in jersey ‘cuffing’. I made up the cuff and tried it on before attaching. It was too wide so I narrow it until it was snug around my wrist.

But there’s another adjustment I made after I took my first set of blog photos.

I made the exact same size as by Teddy Billie (Size 4, UK size 12) but due to the extra body in the gorgeous gorgeous fabric, I felt like it was wearing me, rather then I wearing it!!!

I went back and took 2cm off the shoulder and down the front.

And a cm down through the waist, leaving the width at the hem band untouched.

Before (left) and after pictures

It’s pretty subtle in the photos but I can see it and it feels ‘neater’ on me.

It is perfect for this cold January weather. It’s such an unusual beautiful fabric, even my husband remarked on it.

I feel as though I’ve made an effort with my outfit when I put this on.

I have made quite a lot of adjustments for a sweater! But to justify the cost of the fabric, I’m glad I went the extra mile!

Love, Lucie xx


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