Another Agnes

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So I’ve made another Tilly and the Buttons Agnes.

After a week of decorating and new wardrobe chaos my second Agnes had laid half finished for a week. Hidden behind boxes and temporary clothes rails my machine has been out of reach but this weekend I was able to finish her off.

Having learnt where it was a little snug on the first one 

Tilly Agnes

leading me to let out the long seam from the elbow to the armpit and taper in at the waist, I retraced the pattern to give me the perfect layering jersey pattern.

And here’s the result

Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Tilly and the Buttons Agnes

So have I learnt anything during this second make of the Agnes?

Yes. Don’t use cheap thread.

In my haste to get this top under way I used the only similar coloured thread I had; a non-descript reel of grey.

Things were going well until my machine started to skip stitches with depressing regularity. I switched to my spare piece of fabric. I re threaded my machine.  I rewound the bobbin. I changed the needle. I undid the base plate and gave everything a good blow and a good sweep.

No improvement.

I succumbed to the thought that perhaps it was time for a service.

Then I googled ‘skipped stitches’ and straight away came up with the answer – cheap thread.

Thread changed, problem solved.

Unfortunately I hadn’t spotted these skipped stitches!Tilly and the Buttons Agnes

But I hope only I will notice.

Still enjoying the joy of a tripod and remote controlled camera!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I knew that fabric would look fabulous.
    I was vaguely thinking of hacking the Agnes as a dress yesterday but I ended up cutting another Lady Skater. It’s something I might do in the future though.


    1. Yes, I’m very pleased with it. I’m not sure about hacking this one as a dress. It would be a little plain for me. I would need something a little more interesting ‘up top’.


  2. Oh wow, I love the bird fabric! Just goes to prove that a T-shirt doesn’t have to be boring:) I don’t know about you, but I find Gutermanns to be the best quality thread out there and buy black and white on 1000m reels which last ages.


    1. Yes, it’s Fabworks jersey. I called around there the other Saturday but to my dismay saw that it closed at 2pm, not at 4 which is what I thought. Think my daughter was quite relieved though. Saved me a fortune:(

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  3. Great fabric choice, I think I might follow your example with my next version of this. I found it came up pretty small too, especially on the sleeves of all places, although I suspect it all depends on the fabric… Looks great on you!


    1. I’m beginning to understand that most patterns are drafted for a B cup. I’m having more success now that I understand I am narrow across the back (so downsize for the neck and shoulders area), bigger across the front and upper arms(up size here), and normal around the waist! It’s only taken me a year!

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  4. I was really interested to read this as I’ve had similar problems in the past with sewing knits that I couldn’t fix. What counts as good quality thread because I only use Gutterman (it’s pretty much the only choice) and I’ve still had some issues. Your top looks great by the way!


    1. To be honest, I’m still getting the odd annoying skipped stitch but nothing like what was happening. I’m not sure what else to do apart from keeping my fingers crossed. I really think she’s due for a service though.


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