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As the weather turns into Autumn but you don’t yet wish to haul your winter clothes down from the attic, there’s only one thing for it. Make some snuggly lounge wear.

I don’t think a pattern has ever looked so different by making it up in another fabric. OK, there is a hood and kangaroo pocket addition too.

After my success with my Breton Uvita I was keen to use the pattern again.

The Uvita is a free pattern by Itch to Stitch but you can purchase an $5 add on pack which includes a hood, cuffs with thumb holes, a kangaroo pocket and other sleeve, pocket options.

My husband has been calling me ‘Dino’ all weekend, from the Flintstones, remember?

Anyway this gorgeous quality knit is the Wanderlust Safari Sweatshirt from MyFabrics. Made in Germany it is designed by blogger textile designer Hamburger Liebe. She has 2 English Springer Spaniels, so she can’t do anything wrong in my book.

It is perfect for this time of year when you want to be just a little cosy. It’s not too thick and not too fine. As soon as it arrived, I was dying to use it.

Back to the pattern, it is the same size 4, with no alterations.

Itch to Stitch patterns are a dream to follow and you know that everything about your make will be spot on. Although next time I would line the hood. I used various colours of pink and brown as my overlocker thread to make sure the seams you can see ( like on the hood) look as pretty as possible.

Did I mention the hood?

I used a pink trainer shoe lace (£2 off amazon) as my hood cord.

My husband won’t walk down the street with me wearing this!

Well, sometimes you need some me time!

Love, Lucie xx

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