A great year and a broken leg.

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The broken leg is my husband’s, not mine thankfully. The result of partaking a few beers with his son on Boxing Day coupled with 2 inches of snow.

Snow close-up by Freya
Snow close-up by Freya

So we have welcomed in the New Year quietly as Mr Jones contemplates 8 weeks tied to the house and my life now includes the bins, the recycling, mending punctures, food shopping and all those other jobs that traditionally in our household falls under the charge of Mr Jones.
But what a year it has been.
After 11 years I became Mrs Jones.

With the help of friends and family we enjoyed preparing for the day.

I attended the Minerva meet-up day in June where I got to meet the other Minerva bloggers and indulge in sewing talk all day!

I throughly enjoyed blogging for both Minerva Crafts and White Tree Fabrics throughout the year. It seems that a deadine or two gives me the impetus to carry on crafting.

I wrote 143 new posts! Thanks to referrals from Pinterest my gecko from 2013 still featured as one of my most read posts of 2014!

My crochet gecko
My crochet gecko

Many of my other posts featured my first love, crochet. Incidentally my crochet posts have always drawn in the most views and comments.

Best of all I dabbled in dressmaking for the very first time.

So here’s to a creative 2015.
Increased responsibility at work will mean I need all my distractions at home!
I just hope Mr Jones’s fibula mends swiftly. He’s a little grumpy on his crutches.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Jones!! it has such a nice sound, and the decors were so delicate and sweet. thanks for sharing such a precious moment with us. Happy New Year, and may that leg get fixed soon! 😀


  2. I love your paper flowers! And your crochet is amazing, I’m not surprised it gets a lot of attention. I hope you have a great 2015 – not sure if it’ll top how good 2014 was though?!


    1. It’ll be hard to top 2014 but we have some great memories. This time last year I was just starting to plan it all so I’m quite glad to turn my attention to other things in 2015!


  3. I do believe I’m inspired to try crochet! Seeing as knitting was an absolute failure! The Pom Pom cushion is my favourite, I love your monkey! Hope married life is suiting you 😊


  4. Perhpas Mr Jones can learn to crochet during his forced down time? I was in your shoes several years ago – Sweetheart broke her ankle, and could bear no weight on it for weeks. It was rough, but we made it! And no, she did not start knitting or crocheting during that time, but I think it would have helped. 🙂


      1. lol give it another week.

        My step dad spent three years in a VA hospital after WW II. He learned to crochet there, and crocheted many afghans. He would raffle them off to the nurses for money to buy more yarn. And lots of fisherman know how to knit and crochet, so he would not be alone or less “macho” 🙂


  5. Your wedding was just so beautiful! Worth the 11 year wait! It could be tested in the next 8 weeks!!??? Haha you are definitely so talented at your crocheting it is all just beautiful i love the rabbit the most! 💝


  6. I bet that wasn’t on Mr. Jones’ ‘to do’ list for 2015! I can’t even imagine how awful it would be to have Mr. T. tied to the house for 8 weeks without being able to do the stuff he normally does – he definitely wouldn’t be a good patient. He cracked a rib once – in similar circumstances i.e. snow and drink – and we all suffered 😉
    As for clearing up after a 13 year old – you must be strong – I wasn’t and now she’s 19 and I’m still doing it.


    1. We are 1 week in. I think it will be even harder for him when we return to work and school. He can work from home but will find it very frustrating not to be able to trouble shoot his sites in person.
      I’m hoping he’ll soon become a whiz on his crutches to at least empty the dishwasher and cook a meal but then I was always an optimist!


  7. Oh no, not the start to the new year that you would wish for! Reading this post made me think that you would have loads of spare time now the wedding is over ….but it appears you have already filled that time!😉 hoping 2015 is as amazing as 2014. Xx


    1. I’m making the most of him being at home by arranging all those things that need to be looked at/fixed whilst he is at home to let them in. I’m looking forward to a boiler that doesn’t keep blowing out and the carpets cleaned. Glamorous, I know!


  8. Brilliant snowflakes photo from Freya! Loved seeing all these projects again and look forward to more inspiring makes this year. Don’t know who I feel sorry for the most – you, or hubby!


  9. So sorry to hear about Mr Jones’ broken leg. No fun for him or you. You made such lovely things for your wedding and I really love all the animals. I think I remember everything except the monkey! Hope the next few weeks aren’t too stressful and you get time to relax with some crafting.


    1. Thank you! I am awarding myself next weekend to sew. Mr Jones is better on his crutches now and can even make himself a coffee! Although I have to carry it for him ;(


    1. I’m taking full advantage of him being at home by getting all those house things sorted (carpets cleaned/boiler serviced/wardrobes measured up) while there is someone to let them in.;)


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