A couple of Lodos

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My Me-Made-May challenge to myself was to make work tops. The whole of May, making tops for work to reduce those, ‘what on earth am I going to wear today’ moments as the weather gets warmer. Typically, the weather hasn’t really been warm so I’ve still been dragging out the same old winter stuff, but this week it seems to have turned a (warmer) corner.

This is the Lodo Dress from True Bias which I’ve shortened to a top. It was £11 for the pdf and I’ve already made it 4 times. I made a size 4, according to my bust measurement. I’m usually a UK size 10.

It comes in ‘just above the knee’ length and long. I just slashed it for the top.

My previous two knee length medium weight cotton jersey versions were made as winter night dresses. I still like bare arms, even in the winter and I totally lived in these 2 on rotation. But they are now tucked away in the loft.

This one is made from a stretch crepe – I think. It was from the remnant bins in Abakhan, Mostyn. I’ve not seen it anyway else. It looks and feels high end. It is really like wearing lounge wear for the office.

It completely keeps its shape through wear and washing due to this.

Wide non stretch woven fabric bias. I used chambray. I think this is why my night dresses still look good after all that sleeping and washing through the winter.

And when you are on a roll, you might as well make another. It’s incredibly straight forward, as I have found with previous True Bias patterns. I’ve made 4 of the True Bias Sutton Blouses!

I find these patterns incredibly good value for money!

This time a Lodo top in a scuba.

Ahoy there! Until next time.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Both look perfect for smart casual work attire this Summer – even though the gorgeous fabric in the first one made my eyes go funny 😵


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