Decopatch glasses case – the tutorial

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After last weekend’s ugly to lovely project I was keen to cover my other two cases.
I took a few more photos along the way to share with you and have included a little guidance in case you should ever want to do it yourself

First, choose your paper. This is decopatch paper; a sort of printed tissue paper. Other thin paper could be used but perhaps for something not quite as fiddly as the glasses case.
I gave my case an undercoat of white acrylic paint. This is recommended if you are covering a dark object. It just makes the colours sing more.
You will also need a couple of brushes and some glue. I use decopatch glue. It dries completely clear and gives the finished piece a sort of lacquered look.
Tear your paper into lots of little pieces. I prefer to tear rather than cut as the torn edges seem to blend into each other better.
Right we can start. First the fiddly bit. Carefully ease the inner plastic liner away from the edge of your case.
Apply some glue
Picking up a piece of torn tissue with your gluey brush place into position, half in, half out of the inside of the case. Brush the tissue liberally with glue before placing a second piece, over lapping the first.
Turn over and using plenty of glue, stick down. Continue around the edge of the case in this way.
Now continue across the body of the case using plenty of glue beneath and on top of each piece, overlapping as you go. Smooth out any bubbles and creases with your brush.

This is the easy part; continuing over the top of the case. It won’t look too pretty at this point. They’ll be lots of little creases and bubbles. These will disappear as the glue dries.

Once you’ve completely covered the case, check for any patches you’ve missed and cover those with little pieces of tissue. Give your case a good cover of glue. Keep your brush strokes even and in the same direction. Leave to dry for 2 or 3 hours before you start the other half of the case.

Once complete, I would give it another glue coating all over.
And there you go. The finished case.

Completed case.
Completed case.

Here is the blue and white version.Decopatch glasses case.
Which one do you prefer?Decopatch glasses cases
Hope you all had a crafty weekend.
Love, Lucie xx


  1. They are all so lovely I don’t know which to say I would prefer, I love the pink one that you made first but I would probably pick the red and black as it would match my current glasses which are also red. Thank you so much for sharing all the photos as a guide, so helpful to have a visual guide.


  2. Great tutorial. Can’t wait to try it. Where’re the best place to buy the decopatch paper as I’ve never used it before.
    All three are lovely but my favourite is the blue one xx


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