Here’s another Ultimate Shirt!

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I’ve well and truly cracked this pattern now. I’m especially pleased as over the past five years I must have bought 3 Boden ‘classic modern’ shirts every single year. I wear them for ever, alone or under v necks or jackets for work. I wear them until they wear out.

Warning – this isn’t me, this is a beautiful Boden model. And she has better lighting.

This is my latest one, again using a reduced price Liberty Tana Lawn, this time from Fabworks of Dewsbury It’s sold out now although there’s others available. At £13 per m, great value for Liberty.

This shirt takes 1.5m. So half the price of the £40 Boden shirt and I gladly give my time for free for the pleasure of wearing something that looks 100% rtw but with better buttons!!!

This fabric feels so light I can wear it on the warmest of days at work. It feels like I’m hardly wearing anything!!

You can read about my first one, my experience of the Sew Over It Online Ultimate Shirt Course and the round back adjustment I made here.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. This looks really good! The fit is good too. I’m just curious to know, did you still need to sew those darts in the back neckline? I haven’t sewn much for years but I should do the rounded back adjustments too, when I finally start in on my stash – soon ..,

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    1. Yes, I did the back neckline darts again. However I’ve just toiled a Butterick shirt pattern and there was absolutely no need. My Sew Over It pussybow blouse could do with the round back adjustment too so I think it may be just SOI patterns I have a problem with. I feel a bit wary of them now!!!


      1. Ok. I’ll need that adjustment but I don’t want a back neck dart. I wonder if you can close it up and make the horizontal slash bigger and then just “true up” the CB seam by drawing straight up from the CB Sean on the bottom half of the yoke. Just curious to know if it would work … thanks for your notes. It’s really inspiring. I guess I should make my own toile! I wonder too how the patter pieces compare between the Butterick and the SOI too.

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