And they called him Frank.

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My husband’s grandson, Henry, has reached the grand old age of one. We simply can not believe where the time has gone.

With Morris the monkey the 2nd successfully introduced to prolong the life of Morris the first I was keen to add to his collection.


I knew that Kerry Lord, the designer of the amigurumi, had also turned her talents to birds.

I was immediately drawn to the flamingo. So over a period of several evenings, Frank the Flamingo took flight.


A couple of legs out in the sunshine. img_6858-1
The details are incredible, right down to his knobbly knees.

Needless to say, his long dangly legs and wobbly neck meant he was happily grasped by his recipient.

I’m sure his mum won’t mind me sharing a photo of the truly delicious cake she made!cake

And her mum’s amazing jelly.


I feel a pelican calling me.

Love, Lucie xx

PS. Frank’s working name was Filly the Flamingo, after my mum;)


  1. Yes, I was tempted by the birds even though I’ve sworn I’m not going to do any amigurumi. However, once I saw the monster book with the flip over pages so you can make all different combinations, it was that one I put on my birthday wish list should anyone ever ask me what’s on it.
    I like your flamingo’s saucy crossed legs pose and the cake and jelly are far too good for children.


    1. Thankfully most of the children at the party were too young to enjoy much of the cake. More for the adults!
      I found the flamingo a rather jaunty creature. Just wondering if I can fit another one in before Easter.


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