The Very Berry Mini Hoop Swap

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So the last week in March heralded the sending and receiving of mini hoops as organised by Ali of Veryberryhandmade IG @veryberryhandmade.

70 of us took part in this mini hoop swap. Mini because the hoops measured just 5.5cm across. The only proviso in the swap was to use Instagram to tag your hoop #veryberryhoopswap

It is amazing what you can fit into a hoop this size.

I’ve really enjoyed watching everyone’s progress over the past few weeks as the #veryberryhoopswap gallery grew and grew.

These are just a few of my favourites. My feed on Instagram has grown immeasurably since discovering all these talented crafters.

This fine embroidery from IG @motheroptica is just one example of her work. Check out her IG feed and her Etsy shop for more of these.

@debgar58 produced these delightful love birds for her swap.

This mini hoop is by Joanne whose IG is @Mojoeret4 . There is an amazing mini hexie in progress on her feed. 

This simple but beautiful sunflower is by Nicola IG @hedgehoghealing
And this final one by Ali, herself @veryberryhandmade

So which one did I receive? This one from Mari IG @liantasse , titled ‘Field Flower’. Thank you Mari!!!

And mine?

I’ve heard there’ll be further mini hoop swaps in the future. I’ll be looking out for it.

BTW my IG @love_lucie

Love, Lucie xx


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