So I took a little break

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The break from the blog wasn’t intentional. There were no big dramas or family issues. No natural disaster or man-made terror, although 2016 featured plenty of them. Just a case of a few days turning into a week, turning into a month, turning into a ten month break from the blog.

Back in April 2016 a frozen shoulder, not helped by crochet overload, a renewed zest for the 9 to 5 job (strange but true) and lighter evenings calling me outside, mostly cycling, led to a mostly craft free summer.

But now, I’m back! (I think!). After a month stalking you all from the sidelines I’m dipping my toe back into the blog.

I’ve not been completely idle. I’ve just finished a massive crochet project but images of that will have to wait for a light weekend day – oh, the joy of a craft blogger in a British winter!

Meanwhile I’ve started on some embroidery. While searching ‘modern embroidery’ on the wonder-web a couple of books caught my eye. This is the first one.

Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

It’s jam packed full of beautiful simple designs in just one or two colours. I love the simplicity. Completely different from the embroidery I used to do as a child.

I’ve been thinking about embroidering some linen table napkins. My cloth napkins only get to see the light of day when we have company (‘Of course, doesn’t one use cloth napkins everyday?’)but this Christmas it was getting harder to separate the stained ones from the non-stained ones.

When the book arrived I thought I would have play with whatever came to hand; in this case some blue chambray. I didn’t have any means of transferring the pattern from the book so I just copied it with a fairly reasonable result.

This is as far as I got with the leftover cream floss I had in my tin.img_6062

I think I might just carry on and see where it goes.

Good to be back.

Love, Lucie xx


      1. I put the book in the cart of the site I’m going to order it… it is a bit expensive and I’m still wondering if it would be a smart purchase… the designs and the use are modern indeed? I do not have the whole view of it…


  1. Well hello stranger. Nice to have you back. I knew you were in a newish job and had put it down to that. Cycling huh? Sounds very energetic, well done you. Loving your embroidery. Love the feel of handstitching myself. Can’t wait to see your crochet project.


  2. Welcome back! I thought you had given up!! I googled you to remind myself of how you made your mum’s Needle Case! Glad to see you’re back…I’ll shall enjoy catching up!

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